Sunday Snippets

Weekend Writing Warriors Snippets for 2013

When Six Sentence Sunday ended, several of the authors decided to continue with something similar, except now we can post eight sentences instead of six. I have posted some snippets from an upcoming paranormal romantic suspense, which I hope will come out at the beginning of 2014.

Second Chance Succubus

Six Sentence Sunday Snippets for 2012

So since I've started Six Sentence Sunday, I've had two books come out and I've been posting six sentences from each of them. The first book, Her Devoted Vampire, was released February 2012 from Evernight Publishing, and if you click on the books tab, you can find where to buy it. The second book, Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack, released in May 2012 from Siren Publishing, and I will be posting SSS snippets from it all throughout June. Please be aware that these are erotic romances and some of the posts may reflect the adult nature of the stories.

Her Devoted Vampire

Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack


With the changing of the New Year, I noticed that the blog was getting a little clunky and overfull, so I decided the best way to make it a little easier to read and navigate was to make pages specifically for certain things on the blog.

Smart, eh?

Several folks have mentioned they'd like to read some of my older Six Sentence Sunday snippets, but they couldn't find them very well. I noticed the list on the sidebar had become a little long and unwieldy, so I'm putting the list here. Because I started posting Six Sentence Sunday snippets in July 2011, I've listed the snippet links by WIP title.

I hope this little organizational tool works better for reading the fun and exciting bits of story coming your way. So without further ado, my SSS posts for 2011.

How to Rescue a Pirate
The Bone Flute
The Goblin King
The Navy's Ghost