Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Bone Flute Ogle

It's that time of the week again. The time when you get to enjoy a little glimpse into my world. Six Sentence Sunday. Be sure to check out the others' six sentences from the list of authors who participate. Plenty of good stuff to go around!

This little snippet from The Bone Flute is where Jozsef has fully materialized into our world and is trying to decipher where he is when Rain startles him into looking at her.

His gaze dropped lower and took in her full breasts pushing out the bodice of her tight dark green flowered blouse. His body reacted to the sight of her nipples poking against the thin material, although they didn’t appear to be hard. She had gracefully curving belly and hips held tightly by a pair of deep blue trousers, leaving little to his imagination about her curves.
This had to be the magic practitioner who’d awakened him.
And she could obviously see him.
           She cleared her throat and raised both her eyebrows as she waited for his response to her question.

Busted! ;) Stay tuned and happy reading!


  1. Sensual six! Love the description.

  2. Tanalising six sentences. Why could *she* see him when he doesn't expect her to?

  3. Love the description. Lots of questions to be asked and answered


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