Monday, July 25, 2011

Border's is Closing - Help out Authors and Go buy Some Books!

Border's Books is closing for good. Have you heard?

This weekend my husband and I took the kids to Border's here in town and went through the shelves to pick out a few books. We found many good books discounted (Romance is selling for 30% off!) and I stocked up on some of the ones on my wish list. The store was full of people and most were walking around with piles of books in their hands rather than in a basket (me included). The line was all the way to the back of the store and even with four cashiers, it took a while to get up front.

In the past my husband has forbidden me to buy any more books. Why would he do this and why would I agree to it? Because my TBR pile is 50 books strong and that doesn't even count what's unread on my Kindle at the moment. But in this instance, he made an exception for a couple of reasons.

First, he knows how much I love to read and unlike ground meat or milk, books will never go bad. They have a shelf-life of however long it takes paper to degrade in decent conditions like A/C. So having more books around is never a bad thing. Bonus: it makes his wife happy and there is nothing better for him than that! ;)

Second, this really helps the writing community, particularly the published authors. And I'm not talking about their royalties here. I'm talking about what happens to all those unsold paper (paperback and hardbound) books. Their covers are torn off and sent back to the publisher, and the BOOKS ARE THROWN AWAY INTO THE TRASH! They throw the books away and the author loses money on them through lost royalties, lost publicity, and lost readers. The book publishers won't allow the book sellers to even send them to libraries. Everybody loses out.

So this week, do the writing community and some lucky authors a favor. Go buy some of Border's inventory; get yourself some new books to enjoy and help make this loss a little less in the long run! Happy reading!

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