Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

It's that time of week again. Six Sentence Sunday!

This is your opportunity to read snippets of upcoming stories, Works In Progress. I'm not the only author doing this; there is a whole list of us. Please check out their offerings, too! :)

In this scene the hero, Jozsef Kiraly, is being brought back to awareness for the first time in about 140 years. He's a ghost cursed into attachment to the Bone Flute.

Now, once again, he was awakened from wherever he went between these encounters to the erotic feeling of someone running their fingertips over his leg. Even before he’d fully materialized, he realized the hands belonged to someone feminine and old enough to know what she was doing.
Magical energy crackled and pulsed around him, seductively pulling him into awareness. Pleasure built within him as the hands slid over his inner thigh, then up to his hip, grazing the sides of his scrotum. Arousal shivered through him, hardening his cock into a pillar of stone between his legs.
Holy God, who is this woman?

Jozsef is in for a wild ride. I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Happy reading!


  1. Very nice six, I love it and want to read more!!

  2. Thanks, Kim! This one is a WIP and should be finished soon!


  3. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.

  4. Hot, and love your description. :)

  5. Great descriptive six. Thank you.


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