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Six Sentence Sunday - The Goblin King - Calm Before the Storm

Welcome back, Sixers, to the last Sunday in October just in time for Halloween! It's so nice to see you again (or for the first time, be welcome!) and I really appreciate every comment you leave. They make my day. I hope you've been enjoying the snippets about The Goblin King and if you've missed any, please check out the SSS list below my followers in the right sidebar. Be sure to stop by the blogs of the other authors who participate in Six Sentence Sunday. There's a couple of new ones you might want to see: Sterling Priest writes erotica (just so you're prepared) and Tom Keller writes science fiction (taking place in Las Vegas. Yay!)

In this snippet, Tricia has learned she's not as human as she thought and she's not taking it well. Her reflection in the mirror showed long horns, longer canines, and a tail. Not exactly the epitome of beauty where she's from. Worse, her nails are now more like claws and that's just not right. Her fright has unlocked something within her and Jakran must calm her down before she reduces his home to rubble. She comes back to reality in his arms. 

Tricia had leaned forward to inhale his scent when reality crashed into her and she realized she was crouched naked in front of a relative stranger. She raised her hands to push the king away but stopped when she saw blood seeping between her fingers.
What the –?
Agony shrieked across her awareness and she gasped, jerking backwards out of his grip onto her butt as she tried to unclench her fists. They opened with a sickening wet sound and she stared at them in horror as blood poured out of her palms and onto her thighs.
          “Oh my God!” she wailed, her panic igniting the energy to rattle against the valve she’d secured on its metaphorical hatch.

Fire in the hole! The Goblin King had better get her under control or he's going to be road-pizza. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

#FlashFiction and News of Monumental Proportions (at least to me)

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've been working on organizing a few things, writing some #flashfiction, and sitting on a HUGE secret that I haven't been able to share until now.

But first, to build tension as every good author should, I'm going to offer you a look at the flash fiction I wrote this week (at least my favorites) and then I'll reveal the news.

First was #TuesdayTales hosted by @theglitterlady and she had two prompts: the photo below and the word "preternatural". Only 100 words allowed.

I stared in horror at my sister’s slack face. Thick red lines drooled from her lips over her chin, dripping off onto her chest. She lay with her head against the back of the couch, her eyes mere slits. Her arms draped haphazardly on the seat cushions as if to ward off some preternatural creature. The air smelled of burnt toast and cinnamon and the crumbs of some dark pastry marred the pristine white porcelain of her plate.

“Heidi! Oh, God!”

She jerked awake, blinking at my recoil.

“What happened?”

She wiped her face. “Sorry, red velvet cake sugar coma.”

My great friend Cara Michaels judged this contest and while I didn't win, I had a heck of a good time writing about miss droolface up there! ;)

Yesterday, I attempted @DRyanLeask's #3-4Thursday Classic challenge (up to 300 words) and there were three prompts: Special prompt "macabre", Phrase prompt "fear pulsed through (his/her/its/my) veins", and Word prompt "congeal(ed/ing)". There's voting today for the best story. Just click on the link and vote for your favorite. :) Mine is below and a title was required.

To Dance Forever

“Macabre? Why does everything in October have to be nasty and congealed for the flash fiction challenges?” I shook my head as I clicked on the different links. “Same stuff, different blog.”

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad,” my sister remarked.

“Says you who LOVES the dark and slightly frightening.”

“What, did you only want to write about flowers and butterflies?” Linda scoffed as she typed another 100 entry like a pro.

“No, but it’s all the same, you know? Dead things and blood. What about the more mystical?”

“Fine. There’s always cemeteries.”

I sighed. “Yeah, cemeteries and ghosts.” I grabbed my coat and car keys.

The Danse Macabre; the dance of death. I’d never seen it. Visiting cemeteries at this time of year was something my Spanish teacher in high school liked to do for Dia de los Muertos, but no fear pulsed through my veins then. Nothing happened in cemeteries. They were full of dead people. Big deal.

But tonight in the mists wafting off the cooling grounds, I caught sight of a pair of apparitions wheeling between the headstones in a stately waltz and rare excitement and wonder zinged through me. The couple winked at me as they passed, then they were gone.

I sat down with the thump, ignoring the damp soaking into the butt of my jeans. Wow, how cool was that? I rested my chin on my knees and wondered what it’d be like to be loved like that; loved so much my honey would dance with me through the mists of death.

“I’ve missed you, dearest.”

I twisted around at the hollow voice and stared into night sky eyes of a handsome man dressed in a tailcoat and cravat.

“You’ve missed me?” I squeaked.

He brushed my cheek gently. “Shall we dance?”

He he he, I really enjoyed writing that one. So much for nothing ever happening in cemeteries. ;)

Today, I tried a new challenge. It's called #FridayPictureShow and it's hosted by @JenD_Author. She had only two requirements: the photo prompt and exactly 100 words.

“Did you see that hit? It was outta the park!”

“Shhhhh! I can’t hear my soap. Derrick’s gonna tell Susannah about his incurable disease!”

“Oh, man, that chick dancing with Donny is soo hawt, but she can’t hold the rhythm much.”

“Do you think Castle’s gonna get to kiss Det. Beckett this season?”

“Caw-ha-ha-ha! Jeff Foxworthy cracks me up!”

A piercing whistle stopped all conversations and the viewers looked over their shoulders as Death stepped into the room.

“Break’s over, guys. Time to get back to work.”

Grumbles followed as each TV was clicked off and Death’s messengers took wing.

This one cracked me up while writing it. If you can't laugh at your own writing, you're in the wrong field. I hope you enjoyed the little snippets I had to share.

Now . . . (deep breath) A week ago I mentioned that a publisher told me they were interested in my werewolf tale. I received the contract last night and am thrilled to announce I'll be publishing through Sapphire Blue Publishing for this first novel. I don't have an idea how soon it will come out, but I promise I'll shout it to the rooftops when I do know! Thanks for keeping up with me and cheering me on (you know who you are: LR, GV, EKY, SA, CM). Your faith has been the best any author can hope for. I hope your week as gone as well as mine and keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming release!

God it feels great to say that! Happy reading! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Goblin King - Tricia's Heritage

Good morning, Sixers. I know the official site for Six Sentence Sunday is taking a breather this week, but I thought I'd still include a few sentences for you to enjoy, to tide you over until next week, when the official list becomes live again. Cara Michaels and Tom Keller are also posting six sentences this week, so be sure to check out their blogs for their offerings.

In this snippet of The Goblin King, Tricia complained about a massive headache after she wakes up from the attack and Jakran, the Goblin King, used some of his magic to tame the throbbing pain in her head, offering him the opportunity to touch her.

As soon as he’d touched her with his small healing magic, he realized she wasn’t as human has he had first assumed. His magic blended with hers too well, and he sensed the goblin-half of her heritage in the deep well of magic writhing untapped within her; more magic than any of his people born in the last thousand years. Who was this woman and how had a half-goblin child managed to be born outside of the Goblin world? He held no answers to the questions and he feared Tricia wouldn’t know them either if he asked. He suspected she was ignorant of her magic or how to use it, which meant she was powerful and untrained, a lethal combination in the Goblin world. He’d unwittingly brought her into grave danger by rescuing her and now he'd have to protect her from her own people.

So that's where she got her horns! I hope you enjoyed our unofficial Six Sentence Sunday snippets and we'll see you next week. Happy reading! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Artifact #100words for #FridayFictioneers

Good morning and welcome back to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked, where odd things appear to be normal and normal things are just plain odd. Today Madison Woods offered the following photo for the #100words and here's my little story. Enjoy!

Talia stared at the limestone marble on Sebastian’s desk with fascination. He’d told her he’d found an ancient artifact, but he hadn’t described it.

That was it? That innocuous little gray and white sphere?

Glancing around her to make certain no one saw, Talia reached out for the small marble with the tips of her fingers. Just one touch; that was all she wanted.

Bright light flashed and disorientation swallowed her, then spat her out into a busy archaic village full of warriors focused on one pale and disheveled man braced against an adobe wall.

She gasped in terror. “Sebastian!”

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big News for Siobhan in the Month of Howl

That sounds somewhat ominous doesn't it? :)

The big news was enough to make Mr SM take me out to a big sushi dinner and whine about not playing hookey from work so he could help me celebrate. Friends and family around the country flooded my phone and email account with joy, confetti and text messages!

Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Don't blow a gasket. :)

Yesterday, a publisher accepted my werewolf novel and wants to talk contracts. Squeeeee!

I'm so excited I can barely sit still. I called my dad and his first response was, "That's nice." Then the words sank in and he got more and more excited as the phone call went on. By the end, he was laughing and telling my mom to get on the phone!

It was a great day with all sorts of congratulations and excitement exploding around me and it has only continued. I'm on top of the world and I know this only happened because of one thing that has stuck with me for several months now. Christina Dodd mentioned it on Facebook and I'm taking it from her.

"Professional writers are only amateurs who didn't quit."

So true. Don't give up. Keep pushing yourself, keep writing, keep editing, fixing, tweaking and submitting. Keep blogging, writing #flashfiction, and dreaming because it all points you in the right direction. Never give up; never surrender!

Good luck and happy reading! (Hopefully, you'll be reading about my werewolves soon!) :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Goblin King - Waking Up With Company

Welcome back, Sixers! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It always makes my day to see what people thought of the few lines I can share from my work in progress. Be sure to stop by the other authors' blog who participate in Six Sentence Sunday.

In this snippet of The Goblin King, Tricia MacGowan wakes up after the attack (from last week's snippet) in a strange room with the handsome horned man sitting in at chair beside her. She's worried about making a first impression, but she doesn't even know who he is or why he's taken her to his home.

“Who are you?”
“Forgive me; I have forgotten my manners in the rush of events,” he replied as he rose to his feet in a graceful move of a predator. Then he bowed at the waist, but his eyes never left hers. “I am Jakran Thundersong, of the Black Cloud Tribe, King of the Goblins.”
           King of the Goblins? Whatever floated his boat; this was Vegas after all.

Welcome to Tricia's taste of the weird. Thanks again for stopping by and happy reading! :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Haunting Autumn #100Words for #FridayFictioneers

Good morning and welcome back to #FlashFiction Friday.Thank you for stopping by and any comments are greatly appreciated. Today the prompts are the following photo and a limit of 100 words. Title: Haunting Autumn.

The house looked so forlorn in the dying light of the autumn sunset. MaryAnn remembered when it had been full of light and laughter on fall evenings. Candles burning in the windows welcoming revelers to the Harvest Parties; children laughing as they dressed in warm costumes and bobbed for apples or scarfed down popcorn balls. She remembered the adults sipping cider and mulled wine as they celebrated the changing season.

But that was done now, lives and celebrations relegated to the past, merely ghostly memories like her. She sifted through the darkened corners, singing one last haunting lullaby in farewell.

Thanks again for stopping by and happy reading! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interview with Kallypso Masters' Master Marc D'Alessio and a Chance to Win a Book!

Good morning and welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked. As many of you know, I write (and read) romance. I like contemporary, historical, paranormal, erotic, and recently I’ve started reading what Ellora’s Cave terms Taboo. This is the rougher side of love and can be just as beautiful and romantic as any other romance. I like reading well written BDSM because if the author captures it completely, the love and genuine care between the characters becomes evident.

Today I have a rare opportunity to speak with a true Master of BDSM, Master Marc D’Alessio from Denver’s Masters at Arms Club. Marc’s story was graciously written down by Kallypso Masters in Nobody’s Angel.

Welcome, Master Marc, it is an honor to speak to you.

It’s a pleasure to be here, Siobhan. That’s a beautiful name, by the way.

Thank you. *Grins, flattered*

Thank you for having me at your blog. I would like to correct you on one small point that people get confused about. I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a “master” at BDSM, or a perfect Dom. I am still learning and have a very fine mentor, Master Adam Montague, who also happened to serve as my master sergeant in the Marines when we served together in Iraq. But I think he’d be the first to say he’s not a master either. We just try to be perfect in the moment with the subs who put their trust in us.

You make an excellent point. However, I’d say the true masters are the ones who say they are not. But we should get on with the interview.

When did you first recognize your need for BDSM love?

Actually, someone else recognized it. I was seventeen and working at my family’s ski resort in Aspen when a bored guest handed me her room key and introduced me to bondage and domination. It wasn’t long before Master Marco was born and I became one of the best-kept secrets at the resort. Mama didn’t find out about it until long after Master Marco had been retired.

If Master Marco has retired, how did you get back into BDSM and what forms do you practice?  

*Grins* Well, I didn't totally lose interest in BDSM. I had a roommate at Camp Pendleton when I was training with the Marines. He had all the wrong ideas about BDSM and, a week before we deployed to Iraq, I dragged him up to LA to show him what BDSM could be like between consenting adults. I most prefer bondage and domination, but can deliver discipline if necessary. I do not get off bringing pain to my submissives, unless it’s in a “funishment” when punishment or discipline is delivered in a role-play scene, such as the “bad school girl,” or such.

*Matches his grin* I’ve been known to be a bad girl. Mr SM tells me all the time. *winks* Was that how you become a part owner of the Masters at Arms Club? 

No, when I went to Iraq, I had no plans to start a BDSM club, but then I got wounded and was at loose ends. I knew I couldn’t go back to Aspen. I was dying cooped up inside an office at the family resort. My master sergeant told me about his plans to start a fetish club in Denver, and I jokingly said I might like to help him get it started. Well, it took us a while to get the club off the ground. The third partner, Damián, had some serious shit to recover from and we waited until he was on his feet *glances away with a pained expression* before we launched it four years ago. In retrospect, I’m not sure if we banded together to run a BDSM club so much as we had bonded in Fallujah and didn’t want to lose touch with each other. We each had nowhere to go, so we joined forces and have become a family, of sorts. Another member of my Marine recon unit, Grant, joined us earlier this year. She’s our resident Domme, although she does bottom for Master Adam when he needs someone for a demonstration or…well, whatever. But he describes her as more subordinate than submissive. *Smiles wryly*

That must be an interesting relationship.

*Laughs* Definitely interesting. Two strong dominants scening together is always something to see.

What’s your main job at the club? Do you have a specialty?

It’s definitely not running the business end of things, that’s for sure. I’m happy to leave that to Adam. *Laughs, then his smile fades* I haven't been at the club much this past year, but I used to train the unattached submissives. Damián took over that job while I was gone. I also gave weekend sessions for new Doms and new members on how to get the most of their scenes, especially at the club. We don’t like to have abusive Doms scening in the club. There are a lot of Tops/Doms/Dommes who just don’t get that BDSM is not about abuse. I’ll probably be taking up those activities again soon. Of course, my specialty is anything in the medical room, given that I was a Navy corpsman (what civilians would call a medic) for the Marine unit I served with. My nickname was “Doc.” I also enjoy sensual flogging and plan to demonstrate the Florentine flogging technique at the club in the coming months.

What is the “Florentine flogging technique” and how is it different from other flogging techniques? 

Florentine flogging is done with two identical or similar floggers. I prefer using leather or suede ones with 18-24-inch strands. After warming up the sub, I use a rhythmic motion of downward strokes to the safe muscular areas of the upper back, ass, and thighs. Having the two floggers striking in such rapid succession is very intense for the sub--and for the Dom, as well. *Smiles*

*Shivers with a grin* Does your family know about your work at the club?

Unfortunately, yes, they do. I was training my little brother, Alessandro, to take over running things at the resort the night before I reported to Great Lakes for naval boot camp, and I had an emergency call from a guest in one of the remote cabins. When we went inside, we found the guest naked, an older woman, kneeling, a riding crop between her teeth, and asking which of us was Master Marco. I deflected the situation and told Sandro to forget what he’d seen because Master Marco had been retired, but eventually he blabbed to Mama. I think he was trying to get himself out of trouble when the fetish magazines he’d subscribed me to while I was training at Camp Pendleton started coming to him after I deployed. Porn isn’t allowed in Iraq. *Sighs* Anyway, I don’t know what you know about Italians and their Mamas, but when she insisted that I wear a mask while in public scenes at the club, in case any of her friends from Aspen should show up there, I had to comply. That’s why I wear the wolf eye mask while on Dungeon Monitor Supervisor duty.

Why do you think your patrons need this kind of love/sexual release? 

BDSM isn’t always about sex. Most of my scenes are strictly about control, domination, bondage. I enjoy getting bottoms or subs off sexually, but I don’t go beyond that in most scenes at the club. I’ve only taken it further sexually a few times and it hasn’t really been very…satisfying for me. Women tend to want more than I’m willing to give, so my motto is KISS—Keep It Superficial Stupid.

There are lots of reasons why the BDSM lifestyle and scene attracts people. We tend to be a very open and welcoming community. When you’re on the fringes of “polite” society, you tend to overlook the imperfections of others. We don’t judge other people and their kinks. BDSM is a spectrum. While I tend to stick to bondage and domination, others take it to the extreme, with edge play (knives, fire, needles, blood). We don’t see a lot of that at the Masters at Arms, although there are some into hardcore sadomasochism.

Master Damián is what’s known as a sensual sadist. He’s told me the lifestyle helped him regain some control over his life after what happened in Fallujah when he lost his foot. But he’ll only unleash his beast, as he calls it, on submissives looking for that level of pain. I’ve never seen him draw blood. He’s not into that. But watching him stripe someone’s back with a single-tail whip is really a thing of beauty. And the masochistic subs love him and come back again and again. He even has one woman who comes to him regularly for fire cupping, because she says it helps her deal with the pain of her fibromyalgia.

There also are those who’ve been abused sexually whose sexual identity is wired to find some of the same types of activities arousing now. We always ask our new members to share what their triggers are, and sometimes we find triggers they weren’t even aware of. But they find some sense of regaining control, whether as a top or bottom by practicing BDSM. I’m no psychologist or anything. Those are just some of the things I’ve seen and heard.

Why do you need this kind of love? 

*Squirms in the chair* Who said anything about love? As I said, it’s not about commitment for me. It’s more of a…hobby. These days, I’m happier going wilderness trekking, skiing, working on the mountain search-and-rescue squad. I’m not looking for love. *Siobhan raises an eyebrow* There was this woman . . . Let's just say it didn't end well and I've pretty much been avoiding anything serious ever since. 

It probably has to do with trust. You have to develop a strong level of trust with whoever you scene with. That's not easy for everyone, myself included. So, no, I’m not looking for love.

I understand you recently rescued a submissive from an abusive Dom. Can you explain a little about what happened and why you chose to step in? 

Ah, yes. Last weekend. Well, I’ve been volunteering as the Dungeon Monitor Supervisor lately, since I haven’t really been into doing any scenes. Dungeon Monitors—or DMs—patrol the club during regular hours trying to keep an eye on the scenes and activities and to make sure things are kept safe for everyone. That woman was new to the BDSM lifestyle and her Dom—I use the term loosely, because I think he really was one of those abusers I was telling you about earlier—was flogging her and she seemed to be in distress. It’s really hard for a DM to tell what level of pain a sub is into, so it took me a few minutes of observing to see she wasn't enjoying the scene. I’m not sure how familiar you are with BDSM or fetish club rules, but a DM isn’t allowed to interrupt a scene or touch a scene participant. Once I got permission to examine her, I quickly realized she’d gone into deep subspace. Subspace is what it’s called when the sub’s mind and body disconnect. For experienced subs, it’s often a goal. But if it goes too deep, especially for a newbie sub like she was, it can cause hallucinations and medical issues. So, I put an end to the scene and provided aftercare to bring her back into her body.

What exactly is “aftercare” and what does it entail? 

Even in a good BDSM scene, the sub gives so much to the Dom. The experience can be very intense, even more so in a scene that hasn't gone well. It's important for the Dom to take time to ensure that the sub is safe, protected, nurtured after a scene. I like to hold her in my lap and wrap her in a warm blanket, talk with her about the scene, just help her slowly reintegrate if she's been in subspace, or process the feelings the scene might have brought out.

*Cocks head to one side* Did you feel a connection with the woman when you rescued her? 

*Admires his hands* Connection? I cared about her safety and her well-being. She didn’t deserve to be abused or taken advantage of in that way. No one does. I did want to check up on her later, but one of the club’s rules is confidentiality and she signed her membership forms asking for anonymity. So, Adam wouldn’t reveal any contact info for her. She doesn’t live in Denver, so I doubt I’ll ever see her again.

What did Master Adam do about the abusive dom? 

Kicked his ass out and banned him. None of us will tolerate that kind of behavior here at the club. We run a friendly, healthy, “nice” club and plan to keep it that way. I wish we’d have the woman he abused to come back and try us again. I’d be interested in showing her the difference between what she experienced before and what the experience could be like with someone who listens to her needs and wants, honors her limits and safe word, and shows her true BDSM. But I have a feeling she’ll not want anything more to do with this lifestyle after what happened. That’s the real pity. That asshole ought to be horsewhipped for doing that to her.

I hope you get that opportunity, Master Marc, if she does come back. All the best of luck with the club and thank you so much for coming today to talk about your story.

My pleasure. Stop by the club sometime. I’m sure we can arrange the perfect scene for you, Siobhan.

*Laughs with a sultry smile* I might just do that.

This is part of the scene where Master Marc meets up with the newbie sub he rescued at the club a month earlier, but she doesn’t recognize him.

An awkward silence passed before Marc did change the subject. “So, cara, tell us about yourself.” He knew nothing about her and had a definite interest in learning more.

“My life is pretty dull compared to yours. I graduated from culinary school last May and started a local catering business. Second generation Italian-American. I spent many summers with my Nonna in Marsala, where I learned all her culinary secrets. I specialize in her Sicilian recipes. Of course, I personalize them a bit.”

Marc held his hand over his heart and gave her a pained expression. “Please, no more, or I’ll have to kidnap you and chain you to my stove until you’ve prepared everything your grandmother taught you to make.”

He saw her pupils dilate at the mention of chains and an image flitted across his mind of her wearing nothing but a skimpy French maid’s apron, a smile, and an ankle cuff attached to the stove by a chain. Her jaw dropped open, as if she’d seen the same image. Hmmm. Culinary bondage? The thought made his cock stiffen. Fantasies of having her chained to his anything sent his cock to throbbing.

For the first time in a year, he found himself interested in playing with a sub again.


Master Marc has two wonderful surprises for my blog readers today. First, comment below for a chance to win a copy of Nobody’s Angel. (He says if you’ve already read it, Kallypso Masters will put you on the list to receive the next book in the series, Nobody’s Hero, coming out in December.) If you haven’t read it, it’s awesome. Just leave a comment below (with your e-mail address or Twitter handle), make sure you’re a follower of the blog, and we’ll do a drawing using after 6 p.m. (Eastern US) Saturday, Oct. 15. The winner will be announced in the comments here.

If you don’t win, you can purchase a copy of Master Marc’s story, Nobody’s Angel, by Kallypso Masters, for $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. (Coming soon to BookStrand, as well!)

But Master Marc also has another treat for everyone. You don’t want to read Nobody’s Angel until you’ve read Masters at Arms, the prequel/introduction to the Rescue Me series. For those who haven’t read it already, it’s available at those same e-book outlets, but he is offering readers of my blog a free copy of Masters now through Oct. 15. Just use Coupon Code HA48E at Smashwords to get your copy in your preferred e-book format.

Want to know more about Kallypso Masters or her books? You can find Kally online at:

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and happy reading!

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Six Sentence Sunday - The Goblin King - The Attack (and Rescue)

Welcome back, Sixers! Thank you so much for returning each week and leaving a comment. It really makes my week to read them. I hope you'll check out the other authors who participate in Six Sentence Sunday, especially Cara Michaels who has just had a recent release.

Last week, Tricia MacGowan almost mauled a casino guest, revealing just a little of her inner-self. She thought it was over when the bouncers took care of the guy and headed toward her car in the parking garage. But the man followed her and attacked her when her back was turned, hitting her in the head first and knocking her down. He kicks her while she's lying there, but suddenly the blows stop coming and she's trying to figure out what's going on. 

            A sticky glob of melted gum sat two inches from her nose, but that wasn’t half as interesting as the view beyond; her attacker lay on the ground moaning and whimpering as he curled into the fetal position, tears streaming from his eyes. Tricia couldn’t get her mind around his new position as she struggled to breathe through the pain. Something moved in the foreground and her eyes focused on a pair of fancy boots pivoting toward her.
            Her gaze meandered up from the boots past the black denim clad knees, to the leather belted waist, over the strange, gold embroidered black shirt with laces, and up to the golden eyes of the man crouched in front of her. She recognized him from the Casino, with one new addition.
            “You . . . have . . . horns like mine,” she gasped in wonder before the darkness swallowed her whole.

The idiot should have just left well enough alone when she snarled at him, but I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of the Goblin King. You'll get to see more of him next week. Thanks again for stopping by and happy reading!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Predator #100Words for #FridayFictioneers

Good morning to you! It's #flashfiction Friday and my newest efforts are below. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy the tastes of autumn that have arrived with the turning of the year.

As always, this is a 100 word snippet using the photo prompt. Title: The Predator

The sun has set behind the hills, but the sky still shows its taint of day.

Mists rise as if the ground weeps in relief for the reduction of heat with the coming evening. I wait patiently while the horses meander toward their warm barn in hopes of sweet hay and grain to supplement their grazing. My own hunger stirs as the light fades, darkening the trees from the hints of autumn splendor to shades of murky gray. I sense night’s cloak descending and my hunger demands more than horse blood. Tonight I will hunt my fellow predator, the human.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It really makes my day. Be sure to come back on Sunday when I post a Six Sentence Sunday excerpt from my current WIP. If you'd like to join in SSS, please visit #sixsunday and add your blog to the list. Have a great weekend and happy reading! :)

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#MenageMonday and Winner's Announcement

Good afternoon. I'm getting a late start on things today, but there are a few things I wanted to mention.

Today is #MenageMonday on Cara Michaels' blog, where she offers the #MenageMonday Challenge. I'm a participant this time and there are three prompts: a photo, a phrase, and the Judge's choice. This week it's the Greek gods. Come stop by and read all the great posts in the comments section.

I also wanted to announce the winner of Cara Michaels Interview giveaway: @CRMoss! Congratulations! You won a copy of Gaea's Chosen: The Mayday Directive. If you get a chance, please look her up on Twitter and congratulate her.

Thanks for stopping in and happy reading!


I won Judge's Pet for my #MenageMonday entry. The badge is to the left below the Judge's Badge. My entry and the prompts are below. Three prompts: the photo, the phrase "last call" and the Greek gods in reference or as character. 200 words max.

Athena bowed her head over the muddy soil of the two week old grave. She’d been named for the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy, but her last op to apprehend gunrunner Michael Jackson had ended with the death of her partner. Some strategy.

“Oh, God, Ky, I’m so sorry.”

They’d staged the op at a costume ball on Halloween night at a local night club. Most of the men wore nothing more than a sock, while the women wore three postage stamps. She’d felt overdressed in her Vegas Vamp costume.

Ky had been the sexiest man there in his Thor getup, but it hadn’t stopped the gunrunner’s bullets. She’d lost a piece of herself when he went down.

“Last call,” she whispered, upending a 750ml bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey onto the headstone. “I wish I’d said I love you.”

Strong arms wrapped around her from behind, making her yelp and drop the bottle.

“You can say it now, if you like.” His breath brushed her ear.

She turned, scanning his body. “You’re alive?”

“Merrahs are hard to kill. Especially Ky Merrah.” Then he winked. “Unlike Michael Jackson, I don’t catch ‘fire’ easily.”

Woo-hoo! I had so much fun! Thanks to Cara Michaels for the award. Please head on over to her blog and check out the other offerings and winners. I was in good company and was really lucky. There are some great writers who come each week. Happy reading! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Goblin King - Tricia's Night in the Casino

Welcome back, Sixers! I hope your week went well. Mine was entertaining, but I'm so glad you've returned for more six sentences. Thank you for the comments, they always brighten my day when I get them. Can you see me grinning? :D There are many other authors who post Six Sentences. Please stop by their blogs as well.

Today, I'm introducing Tricia MacGowan, waitress at the Hell's Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, from WIP The Goblin King. She's had a rough day and some hick accused her of being a prostitute. She thumped him in the shoulder with her flat tray and stomped on his foot with her MaryJane shoe.

            Tricia felt her lips pull back from her teeth in an aggressive grimace and she snarled at him wordlessly, but whirled and stomped off before delivering more physical damage. Her breath sawed in and out of her chest like a bellows and she wanted to break something in her fury. The anger felt like a physical thing, as if she could reach out and mold it into something to change the world around her.
            “Did you see that?!” Billy Ray’s voice shrieked behind her as he struggled in William’s and Tyler’s grips. “She had fucking long fangs and her eyes turned red!"

Oh-ho! Perhaps our sweet waitress has more going on in her life than we thought. I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next week, when you'll meet the Goblin King himself. Happy reading!