Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Goblin King - Tricia's Heritage

Good morning, Sixers. I know the official site for Six Sentence Sunday is taking a breather this week, but I thought I'd still include a few sentences for you to enjoy, to tide you over until next week, when the official list becomes live again. Cara Michaels and Tom Keller are also posting six sentences this week, so be sure to check out their blogs for their offerings.

In this snippet of The Goblin King, Tricia complained about a massive headache after she wakes up from the attack and Jakran, the Goblin King, used some of his magic to tame the throbbing pain in her head, offering him the opportunity to touch her.

As soon as he’d touched her with his small healing magic, he realized she wasn’t as human has he had first assumed. His magic blended with hers too well, and he sensed the goblin-half of her heritage in the deep well of magic writhing untapped within her; more magic than any of his people born in the last thousand years. Who was this woman and how had a half-goblin child managed to be born outside of the Goblin world? He held no answers to the questions and he feared Tricia wouldn’t know them either if he asked. He suspected she was ignorant of her magic or how to use it, which meant she was powerful and untrained, a lethal combination in the Goblin world. He’d unwittingly brought her into grave danger by rescuing her and now he'd have to protect her from her own people.

So that's where she got her horns! I hope you enjoyed our unofficial Six Sentence Sunday snippets and we'll see you next week. Happy reading! :)

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  1. Oh, I like this. A hidden half-breed with gobs of untapped magic just waiting to stir up trouble. And then there's the potential of blending magics. :) Great 6!


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