Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Writing News

Good morning! I have a little bit of news. I got new business cards! Why is this exciting? Because they now have accurate information on them. And, you may notice, they match my blog. Woo-hoo! Cross advertising!

It was so fun to design. If you're interested in making your own business cards, I recommend Zazzle. They have a wide selection of templates or you can design your own. And they always have sales. Plus there are great gift ideas all over their site.

Also, after thinking about Six Sentence Sunday, I've decided to offer snippets from a different Work In Progress each month. You were able to read about The Bone Flute on all the Sundays in July and there's a full excerpt HERE that picks up where I left off last Sunday. For August, I'll be offering snippets of another ghost story, The Navy's Ghost, about the Navy's SEALs.

If you're interested in joining in Six Sentence Sunday, please visit my website and click on the link under the Links tab. Please read their FAQ's for all the rules on SSS and have fun! Then on Sunday, head back to the site and click on the list of authors participating in SSS. So many goodies in one place! I hope you're enjoying the snippets as much as I enjoy putting them up for you. :)

Oh, one last little thing to make you smile:

*Big sigh* Happy reading! :)

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