Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday Woes (even though it's Thursday)

I was all set to write a blog post yesterday. I was back from my vacation and raring to go. I opened up a browser window, pulled up my blog, and suddenly, colorful lines streaked the screen.

Uh, what?

I waited to see if they would clear, but they seemed to get worse. I waited a little more and they disappeared. Oh good.

Until they reappeared and then faded the picture to complete white. White, with faint vertical colored lines.

Oh no. No no no no! Crap!

My husband came over to see what was wrong - video card failure. Everything gone, or at least invisible. Apparently, the computer's video card is built into the motherboard (it's a laptop) and cannot on be replaced except by replacing the whole computer.

Waaaaahhhhhh! :(

I guess the video card went to the light. I didn't even get the blue screen of death (which only means my hard drive is intact and I haven't actually lost any data - I just can't see it). This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing: new laptop with updated video and graphics cards, faster, Quad-core (my husband insisted), standard Blu-ray/DVD writer, two PS2 and two PS3 USB ports, and thinner, wider laptop overall.

Bad thing: gotta use my husband's computer while we wait for the new one to get here and gotta spend a pretty penny to get said new laptop. Sigh.

We shopped for a new laptop yesterday and even if we order it now, it won't get here until early September. *grumble*

I will manage to get the Six Sentence Sunday post up and I'm going to try to get some writing/editing done. Ugh! See you Sunday. Happy reading!

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  1. That is oh-so reminiscent of my computer-rebuild-slash-bomb-squad-club-meeting a few weeks ago. *Shudder*

    Good luck, godspeed, and what have you. I'm pretty sure I would be crying in whatever beverage I had handy if I had to wait until September (wtf??!!) for delivery.


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