Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Navy's Ghost "Brickman's Boys"


Good morning, Sixers! It's the last Sunday in August and that means it's the last excerpt of The Navy's Ghost on Six Sentence Sunday! Don't cry, next month I'm going to introduce you to a dragon and a sassy young woman who chooses her own path rather than let those pesky males decide it for her. Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, please enjoy this last snippet and don't forget to check out the other authors' offerings for Six Sentence Sunday!

Since this is the last "gasp" so-to-speak, I thought I'd introduce you to Magic and Retro, the two men to whom Lt. Brickman has lost her heart.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Todd “Magic” Hunter lengthened his strides down the hallway of Bethesda Medical Center, searching for the nurses’ station to find out where they’d moved Ghost. His gut clenched at the thought that she may not have made it after all their efforts to save her. Dammit, if the stupid doctors lost her after he managed to clamp her artery shut, he’d tear this place apart.
Beside him, silent and deadly, Lieutenant Jim “Retro” Waters looked quiet enough, but Magic knew the bigger man was going out of his mind with worry. Waters was 6’4”, 230 pounds of bad ass SEAL with black hair and deep brown eyes. His face was chiseled and squared-jawed, like Robert Redford, complete with the cleft in his chin, and his eyes could bore a hole through concrete when he stared. He could be alternately scary or mysterious, projecting the Bad Boy image perfectly, and women melted at his feet, much to the other SEALs’ disgust.

Yes, I can count; it's seven sentences, but I wanted to finish the image for you and since it's the final fling, I thought you'd cut me a little slack. I hope you've enjoyed The Navy's Ghost. It should be out next year and tune in next month for A Dragon's Standard! Happy reading!


  1. You can have all the slack you like! Nice last hurrah! :)


  2. Two hunky Seals. What's better than that?

  3. Nice descriptive six! looking forward to reading the story. ;)

  4. Good stuff, Siobhan. Can't wait to read the entire tale!

  5. Just like a military man to size his fellow male up, down to the exact pound and inch! I sure hope she pulls through…

  6. YUMMY! I love me some SEALS! Men in a uniform=HOTSTUFF! *G*!


  7. Well if the description of Retro is anything to go by....*RAWR*

  8. You're speaking my language! Love military heroes so much I write them too! Great six!


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