Monday, August 1, 2011

Shifting from Monday to Wednesday

Today is the day I usually write a blog post. It's a good day to do it - Monday, the beginning of the work week and a way to set the tone for the next six or seven days.

However, since I've started posting Six Sentence Sunday, doing a Monday post seems a little redundant and intrusive. Besides, the Virgo in me likes symmetry and two posts, one after the other, seems unbalanced.

What do you think? Do you read this blog each week, at the beginning of the week and expect it? Or would you prefer to have a post on Wednesday after the Sunday posts?

August is a new month and a time of new beginnings - the kids start going back to school, the weather starts to shift toward fall, and it's the last month before holidays start cropping up like sunflowers. I'm going to change up the WIP for Six Sentence Sunday, but if you've been following the SSS posts, the next scene is excerpted here to give you a bigger taste of Jozsef and Rain.

So stay tuned for some more summer sizzle on Six Sentence Sunday and I think I'll start posting on Wednesday (unless there's a huge public outcry :D). Happy reading and I'll catch you later!


  1. I'll be honest, I read blogs when they're of interest, and related to my field, not on specific days though if I did it's make a LOT of things easier for me I'm sure. Currently I'm blogging three times a week. a little much? Not for SEO LOL!

  2. I read blogs all week long. I don't care what day someone posts, for me it is the topic/title that makes me click. It's why I also don't ascribe to schedule of postings, except for #ROW80 check ins on Sunday and Wednesday.

  3. I have the blogroll tell me when bloggers post. So any day of the week is fine. As long as you do it! (I'm really bad at it right now).


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