Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Navy's Ghost "The Wound"

Hello, Sixers! It's time for Six Sentence Sunday again. Be sure to check out the other authors who offer little glimpses of their worlds. Mine is to follow. Just a little warning this time; this upcoming snippet is not for the faint of heart with graphic detail.

In this snippet, Lt. Chris Brickman has learned she is no longer able to return to the SEAL teams, but the Navy wants her to be an instructor of the new SEAL recruits. She's surprised and happy to learn the Master Chief requested her as a new instructor, but all happiness ends when they expose her wound for the doctor's inspection.

The officers stared in horrified silence.
            Chris’ leg looked like she’d been attacked by a shark. Jagged tears in her skin and muscle showed angry red around the central wound where the bullet had entered. Blue and purple bruises stretched all over her thigh, some in the form of hand prints where someone had grabbed her. Black blood encrusted the edges of the tears, but the doctor grunted with apparent satisfaction. No stranger to bloody wounds or torn skin, Chris still had to hold back tears and repeat her own personal mantra from her favorite science fiction novel to keep from crying out in despair.

Still feeling okay? More to come soon! Happy reading! ;)


  1. Very well written gore. Great six! Thank you.

  2. Love it! Why were you posting at 3AM though? :)

  3. Graphic is right, but I'm intrigued. Great six!

  4. A female SEAL! Interesting! Very gory six.

  5. Excellent detail. I can't wait to read more.

  6. Ouch! Nicely written with just enough detail without getting icky.

  7. I'm dying to know what her mantra is. Sounds like it could come in handy.


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