Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Navy's Ghost "Choices"

Hello, Sixers! It's that exciting time of the week when I thrill you with a little snippet of The Navy's Ghost. In addition to me, there are several other authors who do the same thing each Sunday. Please check them out when you have a moment!

In this bit, Lt. Chris Brickman is thinking over her possible future and how she truly feels about her swim buddy Lt. JG Hunter and their teammate Lt. Waters. ;)

She’d had plenty of time to think, to wish, to dream about all sorts of things; and Lt. Jim “Retro” Waters and LTJG Todd “Magic” Hunter had been at the top of the list. Both men were closer to her than brothers; both men had been there when she was hit and held her hands before she blacked out. Both men made her heart ache when she saw them and her body ache when they walked around shirtless. She’d fantasized hundreds of times what it'd feel like to make love to either of them, but she’d never wanted to destroy the close friendship she shared with them by suggesting it.
There were enough warnings out in the world about having sex with best friends killing the friendship, but she knew a few women who’d fallen in love with their best friends and married them. All the ones Chris knew had strong, faithful marriages; couldn’t she have that too?

Talk about love being a battlefield! Which will she choose? Happy reading! :)

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