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#ThursThreads - The Challenge That Ties Tales Together - Week 147

Welcome back to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked. It's Thursday today so get your flash ready to celebrate and write a #flashfiction thread! Welcome to Week 147 of #ThursThreads, the challenge that ties tales together. Want to keep up each week? You're welcome to join the FB #ThursThreads group where we'll do events and make announcements. Need the rules? Read on.

Here's how it works:
  • The prompt is a line from the previous week's winning tale.
  • The prompt can appear ANYWHERE in your story and is included in your word count.
Rules to the Game:
  • This is a Flash Fiction challenge, which means your story must be a minimum of 100 words, maximum of 250.
  • Incorporate the prompt anywhere into your story (included in your word count).
  • Post your story in the comments section of this post
  • Include your word count (or be excluded from judging)
  • Include your Twitter handle or email (so we know how to find you)
  • The challenge is open 7 AM to 8 PM Mountain Time
  • The winner will be announced on Friday, depending on how early the judge gets up.
How it benefits you:
  • You get a nifty cool badge to display on your blog or site (because we're all about promotion - you know you are!)
  • You get instant recognition of your writing prowess on this blog!
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Our Judge for Week 147:

Former graphic designer, movie fanatic, and pre-published romance author, Michele Sieniarecki.

And now your #ThursThreads Challenge, tying tales together.

The Prompt:

"It was impossible.”

All stories written herein are the property (both intellectual and physical) of the authors. Now, away with you, Flash Fiction Fanatics, and show us your #ThursThreads. Good luck!


  1. It was impossible to resist her. She was beautiful like that classic film star, Veronica Lake. In reality she looked more like Velma Dinkley except with straight, flowing platinum blonde hair.

    We’d met on the bus going to work, and a “friendship” flourished. I wanted to sleep with her more than be her friend. I still can’t explain why I wanted her so badly, but I know why she wanted me.

    On our fifth date she cooked dinner for us at her place. The meal was excruciatingly unappetizing. The meatloaf was bland, the baked potato dry, and the carrots limp. I can’t say the same about me. I was ready for “love”.

    “I want to show you something,” she said once the dishes were cleared.

    I assumed it was the bedroom and I willingly followed.

    I had entered the den of a lioness that enjoyed keeping trophies. Men’s heads hung from the walls with brass nameplates identifying who they were.

    All I could get from my mouth was a squeak before collapsing.

    She closed the door before kneeling beside me.

    “Every five weeks I need to feed,” she said, flipping me unto my back.

    She stripped naked and straddled me. She rubbed her naked crotch rub against my clothed erection as she sucked my life force away. I felt my essence flowing from my eyes and into hers. It was sensual rather than painful. I was scared out of my mind, but it was impossible to resist her.

    Word count: 248


  2. ~~~~~

    She always said she was going to kill him. He had never really believed her, but as he looked down at the red stain spreading on his chest, he knew that it was impossible to survive that kind of injury.

    His spirit was already moving, slowly circling out of his body in soft meanders. It felt really good to leave that suit behind. It had never quite fit him.

    He sensed her, as her being walked out of the dark alley. He moved in for the kill.

    In minutes she was dead too.

    What an ugly spirit she made.



    Word count: 100 on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

  3. It was impossible yet here Jackson Berkley stood in front of Noelle in Starbucks. Would he recognize her? She turned around to tell her best friend Nick Carrington and she felt a tap on her shoulder.
    “How about a date beautiful?”
    “I don’t know Jackson,” Noelle said playing it coy.
    “Do I know you?”
    “I’m Noelle Rowley...,”she began before Jackson interrupted by saying, “But Noelle was so fat.”
    Jackson then spilled his coffee on her and then walked away as if it didn’t happen. Noelle suddenly wondered why she had thought Jackson so charming and sexy. She looked at her friend Nick offering her napkins to clean off her coat. Why had she never noticed how handsome and sweet he was? Nick was always there for her. He’d been there when she cried her eyes out because others said she was fat. Nick had said he liked her just the way she was. When she had tried to lose weight he’d cheered her on went with her to the exercise classes. Walked and run with her around the block in all types of weather. He’d been there for her through thick and thin that had to mean he cared. Didn’t it? Did she dare risk their friendship by asking Nick out?
    “Nick?” Noelle asked after she gave him a coffee.
    “Would you go out with me on a date?” Noelle asked biting her lip.
    “I thought you’d never ask,” Nick answered.
    Maybe this would work after all Noelle thought.

    250 words

  4. Duke Reagan lowered his head to his sniper scope. The face in the crosshairs hadn’t changed. This was the face that haunted his dreams, that left him awake and aching, so hard and wanting no cold shower could dent his need. It was impossible. Dr. Cory Prince here in the Columbian jungles? At the villa of a fuckin’ drug lord? Then again, why was he surprised? After all, the first time he’d seen her, she’d been in the company of an African warlord.

    Fraser Kincaid snaked up beside him but didn’t speak. Duke was still a little freaked out that the guy could turn furry in the blink of an eye but Kin was a hellava special operator. “We have a complication.”

    “Aye. She’s American.” A Scottish burr smudged Kin’s reply. “I suspect from the way you’re scowling there’s a bit more to the story.”

    More? Hell yeah there was more. He’d made her kill that warlord, right after his whole SEAL team had been blown to shit and he’d lost his eyesight. He didn’t explain to Kin, saying only, “I’ve run into her before.”

    “Your call, mate.”

    Yeah. His call. He was the damn mission boss. Part of him wanted to put a bullet in her brain. The rest wanted to strip her down and make love to her. Decisions, decisions. “Extract her before we blow the villa.”

    “I’ll retrieve her then. What is it American cowboys say? Whoopee?”

    “Yippee.” And didn’t that just sum up his personal hell.
    250 words

  5. ***Trigger Warning***

    Watching the young man curled on the bed, I sigh. It was impossible to keep them separated. The guards said my orders were followed to the letter but it didn't help.

    I look at the guard and frown. "You're telling me that him and Patterson were completely separated?"

    "Yes, sir. No contact allowed at all sir."

    "And yet, Jimmy was raped last night. Tell me again how Patterson got into a fucking locked cell?"

    The guard jumps. "I don't know, sir. We're investigating that now, sir."

    I put my hand on the knob, turning it. It clicked and jiggled but did not open. Flashing my badge at the door sensor, it beeps and lets me in. That's how Patterson had done it, then. He got someone's badge.

    I glare at the guard. "Case solved. Search his cell and confiscate that badge."

    "Yes, sir."


    The boy curls into himself tighter. I sigh.

    "Jimmy, Patterson's facing a rape charge. He was in court this morning. The rape kit did its job."

    Jimmy shifts. "It won't stick, we both know that."

    He's right, but I don't say that aloud.

    "He wants me dead. I stiffed him once, three years ago, on some cocaine."

    With a sigh, I nod. Prison is a dangerous place sometimes. If Jimmy can survive, he'll make it if he gets out. Looking at the broken boy in the cell, I decide to make sure he gets out.

    250 words

  6. Is this really the time, I ask you
    Maybe you could think of another idea
    Perhaps when you have completed the plans
    Obstinacy will not persuade me
    Stubborn facial expressions do not impress
    Screams only annoy
    I will not be persuaded yet
    Better still be wise
    Learn from past experiences
    Each time I sigh

    I say again no
    there are your stubborn facial expressions
    Yet again I try hard to remain resolute
    it was impossible
    Totally impossible and yet I must try
    For your future as for mine
    So wipe away your frustrations
    Set your stubbornness to succeed
    Then we will make time.

  7. It just takes longer
    by M.T. Decker
    249 words

    Eva stared at her husband in disbelief as he took the pastrami sandwich out of her hand and took a bite.

    She had planned everything so carefully: she’ d found the perfect ‘project’ for her husband to research. It should have kept in the lab well into the night, if not the next day, and yet here he was.

    “But… you were… working on…”

    “…Wormhole creation based on the Hadron collider…“ He offered as he guzzled her coke.

    She nodded numbly. “I thought it was impossible.”

    “It is now,” he answered as he took another bite of her sandwich.

    “But after you cheated on me, I was able to focus on the process and figured it out… “


    “So… I need you to stop whatever it is you’re planning—call me at the office and take me out to lunch.”


    “God, Eva… I hated you for so long that I did it just to prove I could and then … well… everything went to hell. Trust me on this—The guy you’re going to see isn’t worth it. He’s going to make you miserable and I’m not going to be there for you and … let’s just say we got off easy, unlike seven billion other people.”

    He shook his head. “Call me, take me out to lunch… don’t go down that road.”

    He took a quick look at his watch, smiled and vanished.

    “Thank you,” she heard his voice echo from the space where he’d been

  8. "It's a magical time of year."

    Sedgewick snorted and shook his head. "Not magical, just harder. Colder. Darker."

    "That's why we have candles and cheery fires, and after the solstice, the days get longer again." Bethany gave him an understanding smile. "But it can be a lonely time without loved ones." She sighed a little. "I miss my brother most of all."

    Sedgewick heard the sorrow in her voice. "Has your brother returned to the Goddess?"

    "What? Oh, no. At least, not that I've heard." She shook her head. "I just don't get to see him much, and now, not at all."

    "Why is that, Master Healer?"

    "He's a soldier, a fairly elite one, and he's always off saving the world. It was impossible to know if he'd be home for Christmas, and most time, he'd be deployed somewhere exotic." She snorted with amusement. "The lucky jerk usually got to go somewhere warm in the southern hemisphere, but he didn't get to have fun there. He's a sniper." She paused. "Do you know what a sniper is?"

    Sedgewick frowned and shook his head. "I'm not familiar with the term."

    Bethany bit her bottom lip in thought. "He's really sneaky and quiet, and usually takes the enemy out by long range...bow shots. He's too far away for them to see him."

    "That doesn't seem like an honorable way to fight."

    Bethany nodded. "Yes, but it's a good way to keep his team safe and to facilitate rescue operations. He's their backup."

    250 ineligible #WIP500 words

  9. Water blinded Susie, and she wiped the rain from her eyes, and used her palm as a makeshift visor. She peered upward at the dangling Christmas lights. A few more hooks and they’d be done hanging.

    Why did the threatening storm have to hit now? The task seemed unfathomable. She couldn’t do it. It was impossible.

    Feet sticking in the mucky mud, she dragged the ladder over a few steps, and tested its sturdiness. Up she went, a cross between cursing her lousy ex and praying for her own safety under her breath. The wood wobbled, and she froze –

    Steady, Susie finished the last two steps and reached, tip-toes, leaning, stretching and hooked the next loop. A gust of wind blew, slanting the rain against the backs of her jeans. She shivered, teeth chattering.

    After hearing Janie gush about the “Lights up at Dad’s house,” Susie had to do it.

    Down, and over, and up, all the while the fury built. Blood pounded in her head while Mother Nature pelted her on the outside. She wasn’t cut out for this work. She should have hired someone.

    One last hook. Down, and over, and up. She stretched, tossing the strand around the hook Mike had put up last year, and missed. Tears comingled with the rain.

    She could do this. It was easy. She reached, flipped and success!

    Down one last time, she shut the ladder and stood back – sparkling blue, red, green winked – and rejoiced.

    Yes, she could.

    248 words
    & happily married, lol

  10. #ThursThreads is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who wrote this week and I hope to see you next week. :)


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