Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Poem for Christmas Eve

'Twas the day before Christmas
And all through my home
The children were stirring
In an unending drone.
The cat was tied up in
All the ribbons and bows
And the husband was constantly
Blowing his nose.

The dishes were done,
Thank God for that,
And the cider was boiling
In a great spicy vat.
The stockings were actually
Hung on the hearth
First time for everything,
We've made a good start.

The cards had been sent
and the gifts were all wrapped
With the holiday parties and
Gatherings on tap.
I'd paid all the bills
And solidified plans
To settle accounts and pay Uncle Sam.

2014 was almost all done
And looking around,
I declared we had won.
We'd dealt with the pitfalls,
The angst, and the fear.
We'd dealt with the troubles plaguing this year.
2015 approached like a teaser,
The promise of better things.
We could all use a breather.

So I sat down at my computer
To pound out some words,
That would bring joy and fun
To numbers unheard.

On Phinnius, and Kendra,
And their demon, too,
On Rimshot, and Bam-Bam, 
And the whole SEAL crew.
A new story had just started to gel,
Of a Hollywood Starlet and her warrior as well.
A serial would come out,
Full of adventure and fun,
With sword-fighting and high-jinks
All while on the run.

Add to that a succubus and a pair of werewolves,
A vampire menage,
And a dragon who moves.
Make room for an assassin
With a princess to match,
A Sword of God blademaster
And a Valkyrie, natch.
Dracula will make an appearance all right
And a coffee shop patron who stays for the night.
An incubus who's looking for one special lady,
And a water-folk pirate who's just a little bit shady.

The stories were calling
Likes wolves on the prowl,
Each wanting to be written
And finished right now.
But I cracked my knuckles
And grinned at the screen.
"Wait your turn," I said.
"Or I'm gonna get mean.
I'll leave cliff-hangers
Right out of the gate."
And the stories settled back
On the hard drive to wait.

So what lies ahead in the snowy New Year?
What characters get my attention so dear?
Looks like the Starlet and her warrior true,
And a Navy SEAL and his girlfriend, too.
I shall type as long as my fingers can work
And as long as the Muse isn't a jerk,
I'll bring you the best tales, of that have no fear.
So blessings and love for a happy New Year!


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