Friday, December 16, 2011

#100Words for the #FridayFictioneers and #FridayPictureShow

Welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked for a little Friday Flash Fiction to set you on your way for your weekend. Today I wrote on two #flashfiction blogs, the #FridayFictioneers hosted by Madison Woods and the #FridayPictureShow hosted by @JenD_Author.

For the Fictioneers we had the following photo and 100 words to find the story. Mine is entitled, "Stroke of One."
Seven ornaments graced the little tree before the grandfather clock. The steady ticking filled the room until it boomed out its hourly song declaring time change. A single note rang in the early hour.

Seven mice bolted from the clock’s face, their whiskers twitching around bells, balls, and tinsel as they swarmed the tree. A string of lights rattled across the floor before being wound around the branches with help from little paws. The clock struck two and the mice scurried back to the safe confines of its wooden parapets, leaving a beautiful holiday beacon suffusing the room with soft light.

Can't you just hear "Hickory dickory dock"? :D

For #FridayPictureShow, we had the following photo and exactly 100 words to create a new story. Mine is entitled "Dragon Wishes".

’Twas the night before Christmas and I awoke to loud crashing sounds coming from the front hall. I’d been dreaming of flying as a dragon, but now I just tried to breathe around my racing heart.

The thrashing continued and I crept to the bedroom door, looking out.

A glowing blue ball zinged around the entryway, bouncing off the walls and railing like TinkerBell on crack. 

“What the – ?”

The light froze, hovering above the grandfather clock. Then it slammed into me, shrieking, “Wish granted!”

Light flared, then dimmed, and I stared in horror at my new set of claws.

Careful what you wish for! I hope you've enjoyed my little Friday fiction. Please check out the #ThursThreads flashfiction challenge here on Thursdays and thanks for stopping by. Happy reading! :)


  1. I liked both of these short stories but especially liked the mice. Very enjoyable to read. Well done!

  2. Enjoyed both. Heard the hickory, loved the nutso blue ball, Robin

  3. Ha! I almost wish you'd linked the two micro-stories together, as the haunting energy in the second photo totally could have come from the living room of the first.

  4. Wow! I don't know which story I liked best. Both were outstanding. That second photo was really cool, and I really loved the mice.

  5. Haha, I loved both stories :) Yes, definitely be careful what you wish for!

  6. Dear Siobhan,

    Could not help but read both stories, each full of magic. The mice in the clock could become a great children's story and the dreamt dragon, well, that one has limitless possibility. Well done.




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