Friday, December 2, 2011

Archaeological Lights #100words for #FridayFictioneers

Welcome back to a #FlashFiction short in honor of the #FridayFictioneers hosted by Madison Woods. Today is short and sweet and meant to entice you for a little quick reading. Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate all your comments. The following story is from the photo prompt and has a cap at 100 words. It's a continuation of a set of stories forthcoming next year from me and Cara Michaels. It picks up from the last bit I wrote a few weeks ago at the bottom of the post. This bit is entitled, "Archaeological Lights".
Bethany tied Killian to a maple at the edge of the clearing and surveyed the site. The archaeologists had tied bright pink flagging to posts and driven them into the ground in a grid pattern. Golden evening sunshine slanted through the trees, painting black shadows beneath the ancient stones set in a rough hexagon.

She ducked under the flagging and she swore her rage actually sparkled in the air. She didn’t realize anything was wrong until the glittering light coalesced and flowed along the grooved lines on the floor from each corner of the dig, engulfing her in its radiance.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope the week has ended well for you. Happy weekend and happy reading! :)


  1. Dear Siobahn,

    "..engulfing her in its radiance." Loved this line and its place in your story. The entire piece was solid and well written. Felt myself transported there and illuminated. Would love to read more. Please keep us posted.



  2. Now that is an interesting ending to the story! We will have to dig backwards, I imagine, to understand why Bethany had it in for Killian.
    Personally, I like the light slanting through the trees, for that really evokes autumn for me.
    Nice one,


  3. Hi Siobhan,

    Your description is gorgeous - there must be something about autumn, or this picture in particular, it brings out the poets in us all!

    I didn't get time to read back so I just picked up on this piece, which might explain why I got a bit confused. I was trying to work out whether Killian is a captive or a dog / horse, for example, and also exactly what happened in the final paragraph.
    I liked the last line especially, "engulfing her in its radiance" are all just perfectly pitched words.

  4. This was a very nice sensory experience. I didn't realize it was over and as I read the last line and it didn't make sense, I wondered what happened. Took a minute to realize that wasn't part of the story. I was that involved ;)


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