Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays for your Six Sentence Sunday!

As promised, I have six sentences for you to enjoy on this very Merry Christmas day. Six Sentence Sunday is officially closed today in observance of the holiday, but I thought I'd offer you these holiday six for your enjoyment (in case you need some time away from family) ;)

These six are from my WIP The Bone Flute and came from a short snippet I wrote for #MenageMonday and for which I won Most Romantic Story. Jozsef, a cursed ghost, is admiring the Christmas decorations with Rain Szep, a scientist he's certain will break the curse.

“Jozsef, would you, um…” Rain trailed off, her expression uncertain. “Would you hold my hand while we walk?” 
“I’d be honored, my lady.” 
She held out her hand, but he took her arm and tucked it against his side, her presence making him solid once more. Pleasure filled him and he smiled. She wanted to hold his hand, but he wanted to hold her heart, forever.

I hope your holidays are wonderful and if you celebrate Christmas, have a very merry one this year. I'll leave you with a few photos that might make you blush, but certainly make me smile each time I see them. Happy holidays and happy reading! :)


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