Friday, December 9, 2011

Country Cooking #100words for #FridayFictioneers

Good morning. It started early for me, but that gave me the incentive to write #100words for the #FridayFictioneers this morning. It's a little more than 100 words (109) but it's part of a larger story about a woman who goes missing from the estate of her Senator father and he hires the best unorthodox team (No, not the A-Team) he can find to rescue her. This snippet happens after the debriefing Capt. Stephen McMacken has with the Senator, which can be read here, the snippet in blue writing. This snippet is entitled "Country Cooking" and belongs to this photo. Follow the link to the other Fictioneers writing today.

Stephen entered the stable, listening for the horses shifting in their stalls in the half-darkness from a lit doorway. The scents of hay, manure, and leather brought back memories of home, but a new scent and the hiss of meat cooking popped his memory bubble like a pin.

The source of the smell sat in an old plush Laz-E-Boy in the corner of the tack room, his head bent over a tiny space heater held in his hands. Though he wore a sleeveless t-shirt, he was using the space heater to reheat day-old bacon.

“What are you doing?”

The young man jerked in surprise, then glowered. “Cookin’. What’re you doin’?”

Thank you for stopping by and have a very happy Friday. Happy reading! :)


  1. Dear Siobhan,

    Your last paragraph is perfect. Captures the perfectly sensible notion that a teenaged boy would have that reheating day old bacon on a space heater was cooking.



  2. Very nice, Siobhan. I walked in with Stephen and saw and smelled everything. And Doug is right - you captured a teenage boy perfectly in the last sentence!

  3. Nice post! I love the description you use. I could really sense the space around me. The reaction of the boy is absolutely dead on perfect!

  4. I could not tell what the item was in his hands, so I'm hoping for a lot of radical interpretations. This was a neat one, Siobhan!

  5. I love the boy's attitude! Great job!

  6. Good stuff! Sounds like something my metal spoon in the microwave child would do...

  7. Absolutely perfect slice of life - I think maybe Madison's life!
    bubble popping is like bacon popping and heater coils popping.
    Good for you.

  8. You really get all the details of the photo into the story. Thanks for writing!

  9. Haahahaa!! Ask a silly question, get a silly answer! duh! :P I LOVED the last line! It took me by surprise, loved it. :)

  10. You did a great job evoking the senses. Where's the hen? He may want some eggs with that bacon.

  11. Hi Siobhan, this was one of the stories my son said was a contender for 'favorite'. You sure captured the teen-boy attitude, lol.

  12. Great story, Siobhan! Like everyone else, I thought you captured the attitude of the kid really well.


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