Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Souvenirs: The Look Meme

Happy Saturday! Today I'm out at Art in the Park in Boulder City, Nevada, signing books, hobnobbing, and generally laughing with all the folks visiting the mondo-beyondo craft festival held there every October. If you're in the area (you know, Vegas, Pahrump, Henderson, Laughlin, Searchlight, or Kingman) do stop by. I'd be happy to sign a book for you. :)

In the meantime, I've been tagged by my lovely, exciting, virtual coffee buddy Karla Doyle to offer three snippets from my current work in progress containing the word look. Recently I've been working on my SEALs and I'm closing in on finishing it, but these snippets haven't been gone over with a fine toothed comb of editing yet, so I hope they're still up to snuff. :)

“How are you feeling?” the Admiral asked.
“Fine, sir.”
Surprise bloomed across two expressions; the Master Chief Castle barely blinked. Unease crept through her. She was in a hospital room…Dear God, how badly was she wounded?
“Where am I?” Chris whispered, turning to look at her Captain. “Captain?”
“You’re at Bethesda Medical Center in DC. Do you remember getting shot?”
Memory cleared and she recalled the bullet ripping through her leg. She saw Magic’s face over her again, wearing the horrible tight expression. She remembered getting so cold and feeling exhaustion set in, though she’d been fully rested the previous night.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Todd “Magic” Hunter lengthened his strides down the hallway of Bethesda Medical Center, searching for the nurses’ station to find out where they’d moved Ghost. His gut clenched at the thought that she may not have made it after all their efforts to save her. Dammit, if the stupid doctors lost her after he managed to clamp her artery shut, he’d tear this place apart.
Beside him, silent and deadly, Lieutenant Jim “Retro” Waters looked quiet enough, but Magic knew the bigger man was going out of his mind with worry. Waters was 6’4”, 230 pounds of bad ass SEAL with black hair and deep brown eyes. His face was chiseled and squared-jawed, like Robert Redford, complete with the cleft in his chin, and his eyes could bore a hole through concrete when he stared. He could be alternately scary or mysterious, projecting the Bad Boy image perfectly, and women melted at his feet, much to the other SEALs’ disgust.

He reinforced the sentiment by kissing her thoroughly, his tongue conquering hers. She tasted herself on his lips and her pussy clenched with arousal as he lowered his hard cock against her mound.
“But I have something a little more teamwork related in mind.” He spread her legs and nudged her nether lips with the head of his cock. She looked down her body and watched his hard rod disappear between her thighs as he pressed against her opening. “Permission to come aboard, ma’am.”
“Drive me hard, sailor.”
“Are you sure, LT? ’Cause I can make it sweet and slow.” He teased her lips with his head, rocking his hips seductively as he grinned.
Chris grabbed his tight ass and dug her fingers in. “If you tease me, Lieutenant, you’ll be on latrine duty for weeks. Now fuck me hard.”
“Yes, ma’am.”

In true meme fashion, I have to nominate five other authors worthy of your perusal to take the challenge: Gem Sivad, Nara Malone, Sarah Ballance, Cara Michaels, and Kris Norris. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)


  1. If you must leave the magic worlds behind in the next one, Seals are a good way to go. (Still want to see the dragon story out there though. You haven't abandoned that, have you?)

    1. I haven't abandoned the dragons, Suzie. The dragon story comes out in December and another dragon story comes out in the early part of the 2013. The SEALs should follow after that one (oh, and they're part of the magical world, they just don't know it) ;)


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