Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Souvenirs: Meet Wild Siobhan Muir

Good morning and happy Saturday. I realized recently that my blog has become very writer oriented and I haven't done much interaction with the readers lately. While I love my writer friends, and am so glad to connect as well as read their writings, I wanted to also connect with the people who graciously buy my books and read for the pleasure of it.

I thought I'd share a little each week about myself as a reader and fellow human being in order to connect with people beyond my writing. I'm an extrovert and I love to interact with people. I'll be attending Arizona Dreamin' Romance Reader Event at the beginning of June in Chandler, AZ, so you can meet me in person, as well as several other romance authors.

Until then, here is a little something about me. The title of my blog is the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Today I thought I'd share a little Wild about a recent visit with my friend Morgan Kearns. She came to Las Vegas to give a talk on cover art, and afterwards, we walked around the Strip together.

On the way back to our hotel in the Excalibur, we came across some knights errant offering photographs with the ladies. We were given a choice of photographs to take home with us and I couldn't resist a copy of this one:

Aww, aren't we cute? Of course, Morgan maintained she was the sweeter of the two of us (in terms of romance writing) so when the did the next photo, I got to be the whipping girl. ;)

Yes, it was as fun as it looked, and yes, I laughed my butt off all the way to the room afterwards, just because of Morgan's expression.

Of course, what trip to the Strip with your girlfriends is ever complete without a visit to the boys from Down Under? We saw a Thunder From Down Under show that night and had a great time.

I'd never seen men look like that outside of a romance novel cover and it was amazing to realize they were real. Breathing even. :D We cheered on the Brides they brought up onto stage (and there had to be at least 15 wedding parties in the crowd that night), and watched those guys dance. You know, for being so big, they actually moved together pretty well, and most of them seemed to really enjoy what they were doing (I know the ladies did).

If you get a chance to visit Las Vegas, I highly recommend Thunder From Down Under. It's fun, and at $40 it's a reasonable evening's entertainment. :)

So have any of you ever been to the Las Vegas Strip? And if you have, what fun things did you do while there?

Oh, and one other little tidbit. See that knight errant dressed all in black? You can meet him in person at the Man of Our Dreams contest at Arizona Dreamin' this year. Let me tell you, he was very nice! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading. :)

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  1. Looks like you two had a great time. :D Can't wait for AZ Dreamin'!


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