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Guest Post from Siren Author Missy Lyons: Character Interview

Character Interview for Strictly Business,
which is available for pre-order from Siren Bookstrand on May 24, 2012

Today we are going to meet the Parents of the four sisters in the Stud Service series. William and Maria Gibson have been patiently waiting for grandchildren, but none of their willful daughters have had the slightest interest in keeping a man in their lives, instead putting the focus of their lives on their education and furthering their careers.

Me: Thanks for coming today.

William: Thanks for having us. (William adjusted in himself on his chair, and looked very comfortable in front of a television camera.)

Maria: Yes. We were very excited to come today. You never know, Savannah’s future husband may be watching. (She blew kisses to the camera and waved.) To all the single men out there, we have four beautiful daughters looking for a husband.

Me: (I coughed lightly to regain Maria’s attention.) Well, allow me to get right to the point Mr and Mrs. Gibson, it’s been in all the papers and I am sure everyone is wondering why you decided to make an ultimatum to your four daughters? They have to find a stud and get pregnant or lose their trust fund, wasn’t that the deal?

Maria: (She wrinkled her nose at me in disgust.) You make it sound like I am prostituting my daughters. I am not a bad mother. I only want what is best for them. Shame on you!

William: There, there. Don’t get yourself worked up over this woman. She has no idea what we’ve gone through over the years. (He patted his wife’s hand and looked at her with pure adoration in his eyes.)

Me: But do you think it is right to force your daughters to get pregnant? (I am trying desperately to keep the interview on track and still don’t feel like my last question was answered.)

Maria: What do you think I am doing? Holding them down while somebody rapes them? No, you are a bad lady. (She pointed her short stubby finger at me accusingly.) I love my daughters.

William: I am sure what my wife is trying to say is we are trying to remind them what is important in life isn’t about going to school or getting the perfect career. It’s about finding love and making a family. We’re just trying to give them a shove in the right direction. 

Me: (Maria is looking like a volcano about to blow up, so I try to turn the interview in a new direction.) Did your parents have to force you to get married and have children?

William: I fell in love with Maria the day I met her. I told her that day I wanted to marry her, but she didn’t believe me.

Maria: (She rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her plum breasts.) You married me because of the shotgun my father had pointed at your back.

William: (He chuckled at her response.) I married you because I wanted to.

Me: How did you two meet?

Maria: Our families both owned ranches and we were neighbors. One night we just happened to be out and met under the moonlight at the creek that separated our properties.

William: We were skinnydipping. (He grinned and Maria rewarded him with an elbow to the chest.)

Me: I can see you have a strong love for one another and I understand that you want to see your daughters happy as well, but what if your plans don’t work?

William: I don’t have any doubt that our plans will work. You see my daughter’s believe that life is a fairy tale, and they have been holding out for Mr. Right instead of looking at Mr. Right Now, but they can find a lot of Princes if they would be willing to kiss a frog or two.

Maria: (She huffed, and her exasperation was obvious.) My daughters are very smart girls, but they don’t know what’s good for them. They will be happier with a family and children to love them. I deserve grandchildren. I deserve to be happy too. (She began weeping and holding her face in her hands to cover her tears.)

Me: Are you okay, Maria? I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. (I am appalled I could have brought her to tears in such a short time and that something I may have said made her cry.)

Maria: (In a moment of bravery, she looked at me straight in the eye and with a fierce voice a litany of Spanish words escaped her lips and then ran from the room. I was frozen in place and shocked. I had no idea what she said, but I was sure I was being told where to go.)

William: I am afraid this interview is over. (He took up his coat and followed his wife from the room, calling to her in a soft voice.) It’s okay, dear. I promise you will have grandchildren soon.  

**You can read the four Gibson sister’s stories at Siren Bookstrand, in the Stud Service Series.

Book 1 Strictly Professional – by Sandy Sullivan
Book 2 Strictly Accountable – by Tonya Ramagos
Book 3 Strictly Business – by Missy Lyons
Book 4 Strictly Physical – work in progress by Cherie Denis

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  1. LOL, terrific interview! Definitely makes me want to read these books!


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