Friday, March 23, 2012

A New World #100words (well 200) for the #FridayFictioneers

Good morning and welcome back. Madison Woods hosts the FridayFictioneers and this week I've combined her photo prompt with that of #FridayPictureShow hosted by Jen DeSantis. Both are supposed to be 100 words, so I combined them for 200. If that's too much, just read the second half meant for Madison's prompt. This is a WIP that seems to be developing a little flashfiction at a time, but the title hasn't come to me yet. :)

Bethany stared in fascinated wonder as the Centaurs led her past a dark stream. Twelve ornate lamps stood sentinel to the chuckling water on a path made of mossy rocks. In the light, she swore she could hear mournful feminine voices singing.
The big centaur noticed the direction of her gaze. “Take a lesson from them.”
“From who?”
“Those were the Twelve Dancing Princesses. When they entered the Dryad’s forest without permission, the local Dryad’s Garden turned them into lamps to warn other humans away.”
Bethany gulped. “What about me?”
“That is for the Council of the Elders to decide.”

Fear trickled down her back. She hadn’t come here on purpose. The Princesses had defied their father, and evidently the Dryad’s Garden, to visit here, but Bethany had stumbled across it by mistake. They wouldn’t punish her for that, would they?
Looking into the scowling face of her escort, her hope drained away. Bethany’s gaze drifted up into the night sky, framed by pale white branches of dead trees. They looked like skeletal fingers desperately seeking sustenance. She shivered.
“This place is creepy.”
“This is the Sacred Grove. Do not stray from my side.”
“Why?” Bethany crowded closer.
     “The Dryads’ response will be swift and deadly.”

Thanks so much for dropping by. For more #FridayFicioneers, please visit Madison's site. Happy Friday and happy reading! :)


  1. I love your description of the pale white branches looking like skeletal fingers. Good work. Here's mine:

  2. Great way to blend the two prompts. Beautiful writing as always.

  3. I like the way you combined the two prompts. Too bad for the twelve dancing princesses--at least they made beautiful lamps!

    thanks for the nice comments on mine, but I don't believe we want hair on Olive Oyl's chest~HA!

    P.S. - enoyed your interview on C.Moss blog :)

    1. Thanks for reading the interview. I really appreciate it. :)

  4. Great hook--I'd love to read this story in its entirety and I'm not usually drawn into fantasy sooooo completely. Well done.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. :-)

  5. The two fit very well together, and next to unicorns, I'm rooting for the centaurs. I like this reference to the skeletal fingers reaching up. Someone else used this, and I'm a bit miffed I didn't notice that aspect of the picture, as it's quite a graphic concept. Very well done.

  6. Feels like it could sit quite nicely in a Narnia story. Very impressed, great way to combine two prompts!

  7. Wonderful two pieces, loved the fingers toward the sky.

    Here's mine:

  8. Very nicely woven to bend the story to the photo prompts or vice versa. It remains a strong, coherent tale through the transition. Bravo!

  9. Beautiful story, Siobhan, although I'm not convinced it's all going to be pretty when they reach the Council of Elders. You have got me completely hooked here, nicely done.

    I’m over here:

  10. Dear Siobhan,

    You're pretty amazing the way you can craft a story from the same world for two disparate photo prompts. I say 'well done' in that regard and thought you led us to that stark ending with the photo from Madison without a hitch. I honestly thought that that was going to be her last thought and sight just before she was turned into the thirteenth lamp. (Now I'm off to look up Dryad. Should know, but, alas, I do not...yet.)



    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my site. i appreciate it. D.

  11. I have a feeling combining the two prompts took some doing. Nice job. Here's mine:

  12. The stories are seamlessly linked and i enjoyed it really. take a peep at mine:

  13. I loved "chuckling water" and "They looked like skeletal fingers desperately seeking sustenance." Good excerpt, Siobhan!

  14. Great fantasy tale, you've captured my interest and make me want to read so much more! I hope she makes it okay!


  15. Nice! Two stories... 'Turned into lamps to warn others'... excellent!

  16. I forgot to give you mine...

  17. Dangerous. I love the image of skeletal branches. It's all rather more sombre than exciting, but I thought there was interest in it.

  18. Very clever story, and I loved the 'chuckling' water. Nice change of descriptive for what is usually called 'babbling' brooks :) I like how you combined the two, but I like the whole story in general!


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