Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snipppet Sunday - The Navy's Ghost - Ambushed by Love

Welcome to the Snippet Sunday on the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Thank you so much for visiting. If you choose to comment today, I really appreciate it. Today I'm introducing my latest release, The Navy's Ghost, a military romantic suspense, though I call it my Menage a'SEALs. No paranormal critters in this one, though there's plenty of kick-ass adventure and hot sex. Just to be clear, this is a M/F/M erotic romance.

Ensign Christiana "Ghost" Brickman is taking the helo express home after almost bleeding out in an ambush. Her squad is around her and two of her teammates, Todd "Magic" Hunter and Lt. Jim "Retro" Waters are keeping an eye on her. And Magic has been having some unauthorized feelings for Chris.

As she lay dying on the grimy floor of the Nicaraguan warehouse, Magic’s feelings for Ensign Christiana Brickman had crystallized into blinding clarity. I love her. He’d ignored the thought in favor of saving her life, but now, with the squad around him and the action settled, it came roaring back into his mind, clear as day. Jubilation mixed with terror settled into his gut. No fraternization within the ranks. Too bad his heart couldn’t remember the rules.
“How’s she doing, Magic?” Retro shouted through the mic to Magic over the rotors.
“Stable for now. High as a kite, but stable.”
“Good to hear. Pilot says back on base in fifty mikes.”
“Roger that.”
“Why do they always use boys’ names for everything?”
Retro and Magic turned to the woman lying between them and met the clouded hazel gaze beneath the lowered brows. “Say again, Brickman?”
“Boys’ names. Why do they always use them for everything?”
“What are you talking about?” Retro raised an eyebrow.
“You know, Mike for minute, Roger for understood.” Brickman rolled her head to pin Retro with her focus. “Jimmy for futzing with locks. Hey, your name is Jim.” She licked her lips and swallowed. “I like your name, Jim Retro. And I like you, too. You’re handsome.”
“Yep. Definitely high as a kite.” Retro snorted and shot a smile at Magic. Todd tried to smile back, but his gut sank. What if she preferred Jim over him? Get your head back in the game. She’s never shown interest in any of us.

Uh-oh. It sounds like Magic has lost his heart to the one woman he's not supposed to want. There are several great authors on the Weekend Writing Warrior list and in the Snippet Sunday Facebook group. A few of my favorites are Anastasia Vitsky, SJ Maylee, Gem Sivad, Goran Zidar, Zee Monodee, and Karla Doyle.

If you're interested in more from The Navy's Ghost, here's the blurb:

A SEAL is strongest with her Team…

Ensign Christiana "Ghost" Brickman is the only female SEAL to survive BUD/S training, a real Navy Jane. But when an ambush ends her career as an active SEAL, she’s free to pursue other interests. Like her two best friends Lt. Jim "Retro" Waters and Chief Warrant Officer Todd "Magic" Hunter. She's wanted them for over a year, but never dared to approach them while in the squad.

Retro has fought his dark desires since high school, certain the need to share a woman unnatural. Magic had never considered sharing before Ghost mentions it, but it solves his dilemma of choosing between his best friend and his woman. But Retro balks at Ghost’s offer to share and retreats from both when she marries Magic.

Everyone feels Retro’s loss, but he ignores the ache of their broken connection in favor of living ‘normal.’ When Ghost and the other wives of Beta Squad are kidnapped, Retro must reevaluate how much both Ghost and Magic mean to him. And he must decide how far he's willing to go to save the woman he loves, before she becomes the Navy's ghost.

It's available now at Smashwords, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Barnes&Noble. Thanks so much for stopping by and happy reading. :)


  1. Quite a story, interesting how the medications are loosening her tongue but very realistic, I thought. Excellent excerpt!

  2. "Jubilation mixed with terror settled into his gut." I loved this line. Great excerpt, Siobhan! I feel sorry for Magic and at the same time amused at the way the drugs are affecting Chris.

  3. Wonder what else she'll have to say?

  4. What an interesting premise!

    It's nice to see a story where this kind of relationship dynamic isn't accepted by all parties immediately. The obstacles seem to be mostly internal as well, not solely a matter of external prejudice?
    Cool! :)

  5. I love the story's premise -- and I loved her comments while drugged.

  6. Interesting setting and so much going on between the characters. Nice touch with "jubliation mixed with terror settled into his gut." How do you find these words?

  7. Revealing snippet in so many ways. Makes me want to know more. Well done!


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