Friday, September 14, 2012

#ThursThreads - Week 38 - Winners

Week 38 of #ThursThreads had some great tales! Thanks to all who entered this week. I'm honored to see all of you and read your stories. It was great to have our returning regulars and some new "faces". Great thanks also goes to judge Rebecca Grace Allen for reading all the tales.

  • Kimberly Gould | @Kimmydonn
  • Nick Johns | @nickjohns999
  • Alex Bowman | @AlexBowman8
  • Jeffrey Hollar | @Klingorengi
  • Toni Wyatt | @Toni1777
  • Megan E Clark | @TheWriterMegan
  • Veronica Jorden | @RevolutionaryVJ
  • Ryan Strohman | @rastrohman
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Sheilagh Lee | @SweetSheil
  • Susan Hayes | @capricia13
  • Kel Heinen | @Aightball
  • Robin Abess | @Angelique_Rider
  • Aurora Lee | @AuroraLee
  • Rebekah Postupak | @postupak
Rebecca says: It was so hard to choose! There were some really fantastic entries this week!

Winners Announcement:

Honorable Mentions

Alex Bowman | @AlexBowman8
Rebecca says: I loved how beautifully the opening image in this one was created, only to have it completely reversed at the end!
Toni Wyatt | @Toni1777
Rebecca says: This one made me laugh - the idea of the cat plotting against him. Great work!
Veronica Jorden | @RevolutionaryVJ
Rebecca says: I really liked the use of dialog in this one, and how there was something very frighteningly erotic about the narrator's words.

Robin Abess | @Angelique_Rider
Rebecca says: This entry was so sweet, I couldn't resist but give it a HM. It actually made me get up and go hug my cat!

Week 38 Winner

Susan Hayes | @capricia13

Rebecca says: This entry was the winner for me, not only because it seemed to be the most perfect use of the prompt, but because of how well it sets the reader up to thinking we're getting an image into hell, and then turning it on its ear in a very comical way. Well done!

He’d always thought that Hell was full of flames and demons, but now he knew better. Hell was where badly composed music played on ancient speakers and the stale air tasted of dust and dollar signs.

The minions of Hell trolled by every now and then, giving him the barest of glances as they wound their way through the stacks and aisles. He was only a visitor here. His problems were not their department, and so they left him alone.

All around him mindless souls wandered. A few moved with purpose, eyes darting, hands reaching out to grab and gather the meaningless trappings of this place. The others just milled through the empty spaces, an unending parade of blank expressions and unfocused eyes. When they spoke their voices blended with the wail of the music; creating a discordant noise that flayed his nerves raw.

He wished with all his soul he could leave this place, but he couldn’t. He was trapped here by vows taken long ago. His hand tightened on the bright red satchel he’d been told to guard. Here he sat until his duty was done, an observer in Hell. He couldn’t leave, what was he to do but wait?

Another soul brushed by him and he ignored it until a voice drew his attention. He knew that voice; it was part of a memory from a happier time.

“Honey, do these jeans make me look fat?”

Oh yes, he was definitely in Hell.

Congratulations Susan, Alex, Toni, Veronica, and Robin! Claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it! :)

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Just a little news for you to consider: This Sunday (9/16) will be the first installment of the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest on Rebecca Grace Allen's blog!

Thanks for letting me judge! It was fun!

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