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A Werewolf in my Living Room…Character Interview by Lori King

When Siobhan asked me to guest post on her blog, I jumped at the chance, and immediately my mind was off and running with ideas for a fun post. I could tell jokes…but I’m not very good at them. I could tell you how I get my ideas…but I don’t really have a good answer for that. I just seem to have these strange men and women in my head telling me their life stories and making me share them. *AKA I’m a little bit nuts. Not straight jacket nuts; just not always walking in a straight line nuts.*  OR I could tell you how I go about writing a story, but do you really care that I sit in my favorite recliner with my laptop, MP3 player, and a Diet Dr. Pepper until the wee hours of the night? Nah, I thought not.

So I finally settled on making my characters do the work for me. Next was the task of picking the character. Devin and Damon Gray are identical twin werewolves that starred in my first book, Fire of the Wolf, and their mate is Caroline Trainor. Liam Gray is their cousin, Gray Pack beta wolf, and the star hero of my second book, Reflections of the Wolf. His mate is Tina Jameson, who also happens to be Caroline’s best friend. They are an interesting pack of characters. The men not only fight to keep the secret of their werewolf blood, but they fight fires on a regular basis as members of the Kansas City Fire Department. Caroline and Tina are both nurses in the same hospital; Caroline in the emergency room, and Tina in pediatrics. So who gets to help me fill the slot?

By a landslide Damon has the most “fans,” so he became my target. It took some talking, as well as a case of beer and a pepperoni pizza, but I managed to convince him to meet me at my house last Saturday morning. So I was all set to spend the morning chatting with one of my favorite werewolves when I opened my front door. Instead of Damon Gray standing in front of me was his cousin Ryley Whetstone!

“Ryley!” I said in shock as my gaze scanned his gorgeous face.

“Hey gorgeous!” he responded as he scooped me up into a big bear hug swinging my feet up off of the floor. “Did you miss me?”

Settled firmly back on my feet, I laugh at his question. “Of course, but we’ve been chatting a lot lately, so I’m a little surprised to find you at my door. Where is Damon?”

“Yeah, so he kind of got tied up with Caroline and…he sent me to fill in.” he says with a grimace. “Though he didn’t say exactly what I was covering for him. He just sent me to your place. Please tell me it’s some wild kinky sex scenes that you need to work out.” His grin sends me into a fit of laughter, and I shake my head.

“Nope. Not this time big guy, though I was working on one last night with you, Rafe, and your mate…anyways, that’s not what we’re doing today.” I said as he groaned in disappointment. “I wanted to get a quick interview with one of the sexy men of the Gray Pack. I’m going a guest post on Siobhan Muir’s blog this week.” As I speak, I lead him into my living room, and he flops down into the overstuffed recliner. It’s big, but Ryley’s bigger, and he dwarfs the chair. I have to admit, it stole my breath to see his blonde sexiness in my living room.

“Sure. Anything for you and Siobhan. What kind of interview?” His gaze narrows in on me.

“Well, I have some questions I can ask, or we can just wing it…” I start to say as I pull my laptop out and get a blank window open to start taking notes.

“Hmm…I like to wing it. How about I ask you the questions?” he says with a raised eyebrow.

Damn. Does he know how sexy that is? Ryley is the spitting image of Thor. He has shoulder length blonde hair and icy blue eyes that have flecks of green in them. His angular jaw looks like someone chiseled it out of a slab of granite, and while they had the stone, they just decided to create a body, too. He’s muscle from head to toe, and it’s a long six foot three inches of man.

A little flustered now, I nod, and then realize what I just agreed to. “Wait, no, that’s not what I was going for—“

“Too bad, you already said yes. I have selective hearing, so I only hear the word yes…but you already know that. Right, Lori?” he says with a shit eating grin on his face. My fair skin is my epic fail, and I find myself blushing. This is not going how I planned.

“Damn it, Ry!” I snap with frustration.

“Mmm…love a woman with fire. Come on. Let me ask some questions. What’s your real name?” he asks, and I choke a little.

“Nope. Try again.” I’m now trying hard not to laugh at his disappointed expression.

“I thought that was too easy. Okay, I know you ask other authors some questions. Tell me what’s your favorite thing to take to the bedroom with you?” he asks leaning forward with his elbows on his knees.
I groan because with Ryley everything ends up being sexual. He has Peter Pan syndrome, and I’m exploring that in depth in his story, which also happens to be the next book in The Gray Pack series.

“My husband.”

“That isn’t going to fly, Ms. King. Besides a man, what is your favorite toy?” he asks with a loud rumbling laugh.

“I guess I’ll have to say rope, or maybe a good blindfold.” I answer honestly.

He nods. He already knew I was a kinky freak so why hide it? “Can’t say I’m surprised. I like a little bit of bondage myself. Of course, once she’s tied up, I like to bring some feathers and whipped cream into play, too.”

My skin breaks out into goose bumps, and I have to admit my body got a little overheated. Damn these werewolves sure know how to turn up the heat. I’m fidgeting in my chair now, and his pointed look tells me he knows why.

“So, what do you do for fun?” He asks looking genuinely curious. The change of direction catches me off guard, and I laugh.

“Well, I write, and I read way too much erotic romance. I like to hit the blogs to see what everyone else is up too, but sometimes I disconnect and head outside with the munchkins. We like to go the park and play soccer, or to the lake and go fishing…”

“You know how to fish?” He says with genuine surprise.

Laughing, I nod, “Yes, Mr. King loves to fish, so I had to learn. Why?”

“I like to fish. We should all go some time. You can bring the munchkins even. I wonder if my mate likes to fish?” His gaze is slightly wistful, and I enjoy the confused frustration in his eyes.

He and his brother Rafe are still learning about their new mate. I’ve talked with her, and I know the answer, but I’m not giving away her secrets, so I just shrug. “Ask her.”

“I’m going to…are we done here? I really want to go see her.” He says standing abruptly. I sigh my disappointment, but I nod at him.

“Yes, damn it. I’m sure I have enough to give the readers some info about you. Tell Damon he owes me.” I snap my laptop shut and stand up to accept the hug he gives me. He kisses my forehead and grabs a quick squeeze of my ass making me laugh.

“I’ll talk to you soon. We’re taking her out tonight for the first time.” He says with a huge smile.

“I know. I talked to her earlier. Have fun.”

“If I have my way, we will definitely have fun!” He wags his eyebrows at me, and heads out the front door. “Tell Siobhan I say hi!”

I close the door behind him and sag against it. My body is humming just from that short time with him, and I head off to find Mr. King.

Thanks for letting me steal a day of Siobhan’s blog space! I hope that you enjoyed meeting Ryley and that you will check out all of The Gray Pack. Meet each character over on my blog or pick up my books at And don’t forget to always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!


Thank you for stopping by and checking out the interview. Happy reading! :)


  1. Mmmmmm I might steal Ry!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for letting me visit Siobhan! It was fun!


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