Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Souvenirs - Autumn Appreciation

It's finally autumn here in Las Vegas! What does this mean, exactly? It means the temperatures get down into the 80's F during the day and as low as the 50's at night. Woot! Trust me, that's low for us here. It means the autumn colors come out (in stores) and the pomegranates ripen on the tree so we can make pomegranate jelly.

It also means we decorate the house with bold colors. I love the changing of the colors (at least within the house). The kids love to help me wrap the banister with pumpkin lights, ghosties, and bats, and we hang a big wreath on the door.

It's such a pleasure when we get to visit with family more often (the holidays and all). Here are some of my favorite autumn photos from places I've visited over the years.

My youngest loved to wear that skeleton sweatshirt. I hope your autumn is lovely and full of warm fuzzy thoughts, and maybe some hot chocolate. I'm a huge fan of hot apple cider. What is your favorite autumn drink?

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