Monday, December 3, 2012

#CampDuctTape is a Year Old!

Good morning! Today is the first birthday of #CampDuctTape. Woohoo!:D

What is #CampDuctTape, you might ask? It started from a fun Twitter conversation between me, Cara Michaels, and Wakefield Mahon, and slowly evolved into a catch phrase for all things science-fiction/paranormal romance with a splash of BDSM elements.

So today, I'm celebrating with brightly colored streamers

And party favors for all the guests

I have traditional (and manly) sets for the guys out there

As well as more brightly, merrily colored sets for those who walk on the wild side.

There's been talk (well, whispers, really) of an anthology about #CampDuctTape between Cara, Wakefield, and me, but like those in the BDSM lifestyle, it's still hush-hush until we're ready. ;)

So stay tuned and enjoy a little duct tape on me today. And remember:

Happy reading! :)


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