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Author Spotlilght: Alexandra O'Hurley, Erotic Romance Author

Good morning, dear readers. Today I have to opportunity to introduce multipublished author Alexandra O'Hurley to you all. Do you like fairytales? Do you like them with a hint (or more than a hint) of naughty? Alex is an author of all kinds of erotic romance, from historical to contemporary, paranormal to BDSM. Alex's latest book, The Virgin Who Cried Wolf, a Naughty Fairy Tale from Evernight is released today and she's generously offered a excerpt and a giveaway.

But first, the BLURB for The Virgin Who Cried Wolf:

Thessa the Tomboy loves playing practical jokes.  She and her friend, Bren, come up with a perfect plan to scare the villagers…a faux wolf attack.  They have their laughs at their neighbor’s expense at the local inn.

Thessa doesn’t know that two werewolves are in attendance during her tall tales.  They decide to pay her back for her prank.  But, once they get a good look at her and the courage she shows defending herself, Caelan and Raynd decide they want to take her. Their instinct tells them there’s more to the tomboy than tall tales.

When Thessa cries wolf, no one comes to her aid, thinking it another of her pranks.  The werewolves whisk her away to their mountaintop castle to show her a trick or two.  Will she escape them or succumb to the wicked tricks they play on her body once they have her under their control?

“Why can’t I just have my braies back?”
“Because a lady doesn’t wear trousers.”
“I can’t ride a horse in a gown.”
“You won’t be riding a horse tonight.”  Perhaps riding something else, but definitely not a horse.  His cock began to swell once more as the thought of pressing into her welcoming heat.
“I don’t like gowns.”
“Your clothes smelled of horse.  Wear the gown or go naked.  Either will be fine with me.” 
Her eyes finally found his again as she seemed to weigh if he were serious or not.  “Fine, give me the gown.”
He lifted his arm and remained where he was, forcing her to come retrieve the thing from his hands.  Thessa rolled her eyes to heaven and sighed, clearly affronted by his act.  She stomped toward him and snatched the fabric from him.  Once she’d donned the gown, he turned her and began to dry her long hair.
She reached behind her and fought him, pulling her hair so she could braid to once more.  “It’ll dry just fine like this.”
He snatched it back from her and released the half-worked braid, pulling the long strands out and around her face.  His mother’s silver brush was on the stand beside the tub.  She eyed it warily as he lifted it around to her head.  The bristled worked through the coppery strands on her head and he gently worked through a few knots as gently as he could.
There was something incredibly erotic in doing these intimate actions for her.  The brush slid through her soft hair like walking through summer wheat, and smelled as fresh.  His cock had been hard the entire time he’d dried her and brushed her hair.  He knew she’d felt the head swipe across her lower back from time to time as he brushed, as her body had stiffened with each one.  Instinct demanded that he press her to the cold stone floor and claim her.  But he reigned in the call yet again.
His beast was restless.  But he wasn’t giving in to his instinct and so the beast was becoming wild.  He felt the change forcing its way through his limbs and he was on the edge of control to keep the animal at bay.  A long, hard run through the woods would have to follow dinner if she were to keep her virginity till the morning.  Envisioning her running at his side, playing a deliciously decadent game of cat and mouse was enough to make him growl low in his chest. 
She looked over her shoulder tentatively, her hazel eyes shifting between desire and fear.  But there was also a mischievous glint.  He was quite sure thoughts of running from him were swirling through her mind yet again.  And he hadn’t truly punished her for the last time.
The silver brush still rested in his hand.  Swatting her ass with the metal, she gasped.  He leaned into her ear, licking the lobe. 
“That was for running from me.”
He raised the brush again, the light from the lantern hitting the back and glittering across the room.  The impact struck her other cheek.  The scent of her arousal flooded the room and garnered another low growl in response.  His claws burst from his fingers as he fought to cage his beast.
Raynd picked the best, and worst, moment to peek into the door.  “Dinner will be ready shortly, you need to dress, Caelan.”
Caelan glowered at Raynd who immediately picked up the scent in the room and looked over the both of them.  Thessa’s head dropped in shame, and that shame blackened Caelan to the core.  She’d wanted his touch, burned for him.  Her eyes had pleaded for his caresses. Disgusted, he threw the brush on the stand and stalked from the room.

Alex is offering one lucky commenter a copy of The Virgin Who Cried Wolf. Just leave a valid email address or Twitter handle for us to contact you should you win. Contest ends Thursday, April 19th at 8:00pm PDT.

If you can't wait until then, The Virgin Who Cried Wolf is available now from:

If you'd like to find Alex you can find her:

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)


  1. O'Hurley!! Much love and respect coming at ya from the Adonii camp! :)

  2. It sounds like this is a rewriting of "Peter and the Wolf". The excerpt left me wanting to read more. Thank you.


    1. Thanks...and is it a retelling...spicer than the original :)

  3. Thanks for having me...and much love back to The Adonii!! :P

  4. I've never read one of your stories, but this one sound VERY interesting!

  5. Read the excerpt and all I have to say is....that's all we get???? Congrats again on your release!

  6. I am loving these Naughty Fairy Tales! Each one sounds more interesting than the last. I look forward to reading this one for sure.

    umavery at gmail dot com

  7. Naughty, Alex! I love the sounds of this one! Congratulations! lornel@xplornet.ca


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