Friday, February 10, 2012

The Meeting #100words for #FridayFictioneers

Welcome back to #100words for the #FridayFictioneers. Last week I introduced you to Nik Wolffe, paranormal PI, and his investigations of a couple in Red Rock Canyon. This week, meet Chayse, CSI with the Las Vegas Metro PD.

Chayse trotted through the underbrush near Mt. Charleston, enjoying the brisk spring air. Gentle sunshine heated the rocks and pines around him, but the shadows remained cool beneath the overhanging bows.
A broken mushroom caught his eye. He paused, dropping his muzzle to the ground to investigate. Once a CSI, always a CSI. Not that this was a crime scene, but he always learned something new by seemingly innocuous artifacts left behind by someone’s actions.
A surprised wuff brought Chayse’s head up, his ears flagging forward. A pair of green wolfish eyes met his own. Nik.
     Hello, Brother, he growled.

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  1. Ooh -- I really like the description "innocuous artifacts" and the tension of that last line is definitely big. Thanks for sharing!

    Here's mine for this week:

  2. I'm with the Lime on the artifacts - nice little story well-told.

  3. I enjoyed this. I can't help but wonder about the back story - good brother/bad brother but told through dogs?! I like it!

    ~Susan (here's mine:

  4. Yes, I do like the shaggy dog story. I, to be my usual pesky self, do not like artefact. I personally think it jars against the doggy feel, even if he is a CSI. Probably "objects" or "debris".
    But that's me.
    Otherwise, a wag of a tail.

  5. Talk about being hot on the trail. I like the "wolfish eyes" and I'm left wondering if the hair is bristling on Chayse's neck.

  6. A surprising and enjoyable take on the prompt. I particularly like the way you set the tone in your opening paragraph.

  7. Loved your take on the tracking theme and didn't realize who the characters were in the last flash. It's coming together for me now :) I liked the innocuous artifact reference.

  8. Love it! I was surprised at the end to see your MC was a dog, but when I went back and re-read it, I shouldn't have been. Good job!

  9. Siobhan, how did you know that my eyes are green? LOL!

    Very nicely set scene. Quite a cliffhanger for being an investigation in a Canyon.

    Here's my tail... er, tale:

  10. I thought it was a horse at first - oops! Great little story - would love to know about the background to their relationship.

  11. I looooved reading this from the perspective of an animal. Part of me thinks that the greeting of the dog and the wolf at the end are part of a larger story--one that I REALLY want to know. Well done!

    The link to my drabble this week is:

  12. Wonderful character--a CSI who doesn't let the job go and wolfish to boot, Robin


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