Friday, October 14, 2011

Haunting Autumn #100Words for #FridayFictioneers

Good morning and welcome back to #FlashFiction Friday.Thank you for stopping by and any comments are greatly appreciated. Today the prompts are the following photo and a limit of 100 words. Title: Haunting Autumn.

The house looked so forlorn in the dying light of the autumn sunset. MaryAnn remembered when it had been full of light and laughter on fall evenings. Candles burning in the windows welcoming revelers to the Harvest Parties; children laughing as they dressed in warm costumes and bobbed for apples or scarfed down popcorn balls. She remembered the adults sipping cider and mulled wine as they celebrated the changing season.

But that was done now, lives and celebrations relegated to the past, merely ghostly memories like her. She sifted through the darkened corners, singing one last haunting lullaby in farewell.

Thanks again for stopping by and happy reading! :)


  1. I love the feeling of nostalgia you get from this piece, even amongst the creepy haunting quality. Nice job!

  2. Sad story but wonderfully written. You captured so much mood in so few words. I really enjoyed it!

    Nice work

  3. Siobhan,

    That picture made us all wonder about what it had seen during its time. You captured on one possible world very well. "But that was done now...."




  4. It's very melancholy and has a wisp of longing in your story. It's sad with a tinge of creepy. Well done!

  5. Nostalgic and sad, but well done.

  6. I'd be sad to see those traditions go, too. You had me smelling the mulled cider and wishing I had some!

  7. Loved this...

    your voice feels wistful but warm-hearted, a beautiful combination.


  8. I can really feel the stmosphere of this piece

  9. It's autumn! Your flash is full of an apple cider taste for me. Thanks for writing!


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