Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid Week Tease - Bronco's Rough Ride - Securing the Goods

Welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked for a new year of Mid Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Authors: this is a great opportunity to spotlight a few lines or even a paragraph or two from a new release or backlisted title. Readers: you get to sample some delicious snippets! We’ll do our best to tease, titillate and tantalize you into the weekend.

My Mid Week Tease is from my newest release Bronco's Rough Ride, the prequel to The Navy's Ghost. Chief Petty Officer John "Bronco" Andrews is just trying to get from Virginia to California to resume his duty as a Navy SEAL for Team 9, Bravo Squad. But someone slips drugs into his drink and he winds up tied to a slab in a cell somewhere. Detective Lindsey Jarvis is undercover as the Black Widow of Vegas in Madame LeBeau's reverse sex ring and she's determined to make sure she gets him out. She just has to make sure he's hers.

Lindsey glanced at the handsome hirsute man bound to the table. Her stomach curdled at the way he’d been drugged and trussed up. His dog tags lay on his chest and scars from real action marred the skin in a few places. The reminder of all he’d paid for made her gorge rise. Lindsey nodded and hoped the furious disgust didn’t show on her face as she preceded Madame LeBeau out of the observation room.

Deep breath now. You can’t save them all, but you can save this one and get him to tell you everything you need to bring her down.

The madam led her to a bank of elevators and stepped into the first car. Once the doors had closed, she inserted a key and pressed an unmarked button on the console. The elevator made a smooth descent and they rode in silence. Lindsey eyed the woman curiously as the car stopped and the doors open.

“These are our holding cells for prospective buyers to inspect the merchandise up close.” LeBeau gestured for Lindsey to follow her down a dark, concrete hallway. “As you have already chosen, as soon as you’ve enjoyed your sample, we will have your purchase sent to your suite whenever you desire.”

“Do I get to keep my goods in my room or must I return them to you when I’m done for the night?”

“The goods are returned to the holding cells for maintenance and upkeep.”

Lindsey did some quick calculations and flattened her mouth in displeasure. “How will I be assured no one else will have access to my purchase?” Sweet God, I won’t let anyone else touch him.

“We take our customers’ property very seriously, Ms. Black. Once you’ve confirmed your selection, your goods will be marked as taken.”

“How long do I have to make my decision?”

“Within twenty-four hours of sampling.”

“Excellent.” She’d already made her decision.

Madame Le Beau nodded and unlocked the faux bedroom door where the soldier lay.

I will take you down, bitch, just for harming someone who has already paid his dues.

“There you are, Ms. Black. I hope you enjoy.”

“Thank you, Madame LeBeau. I will.”

Bronco's Rough Ride is now available at Smashwords, Amazon, and All Romance eBooks. Thanks so much for stopping by and happy reading. :)

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  1. Ooh, she looks like a kick ass heroine. Enjoyed the teaser. Congrats on your new release!

  2. Sounds like another great story! Love the concept & how the heroine wants to save him. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Loving the heroine already. This sounds a fab read :-)

  4. I agree, I love her! I'm looking forward to reading Navy's Ghost soon and now this one too. Great tease Siobhan!

  5. Powerful scene! Much luck with your new release, Siobhan! It sounds awesome and is going on my TBR list. Thanks for joining the tease! :)


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