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5 Questions of a Historical and Erotic Romance Author: A.S. Fenichel

Welcome back to the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Today I have the honor of hosting historical romance author A.S. Fenichel with her newest release, Wishing Game! I met A.S. on Six Sentence Sunday when she shared her snippets of her Mayan Destiny series. She had me hooked with her storytelling and hints of magic. I’m absolutely delighted to have her here on my blog.

Welcome, A.S. Thank you so much for being with me today.

A.S. : I’m delighted to be here, Siobhan. You were so wonderful to ask me.

What started you on the path to becoming a romance author and what did you do before that?

A.S.: My mother always said I was Pollyanna. I always believed everything would be all right as a child. I still do. I guess my way of insuring the Pollyanna attitude can continue, is to write books that must end in a “happily ever after”. For me, if the story doesn’t end in an HEA then it’s not over yet.

Though I was only published in 2011, I’ve been writing for about twenty years. So before I was published I had a day job. I worked in Customer Service and Logistics for years and then finished off my business career as an IT specialist for the SAP ERP software program.

Congratulations on your release of Wishing Game. Introduce us to the main characters and premise of your story.

A.S. : Thank you. I’m really excited about Wishing Game. This is my second published Regency historical romance. 

Lady Mary Barrow is about to lose everything when her ailing father dies unless she marries before that sad day. Mary gives the impression of a really practical young lady, but she continues to refuse offers of marriage. She makes a wish for a solution to her problems.

Avery is a distant cousin who is the next in line to inherit. He is wealthy in his own right and riddled with guilt for his part in Mary’s ruination. Having been contacted by the old earl and a solicitor, he comes to the estate in hopes of being of service.

Did something in particular inspire this story?

A.S. : Ellora’s Cave had a Regency book call for submissions. I love the idea of two people living within circumstances that should rip them apart and feed into a mutual hatred. Then you thrust them together and see what happens.

Wishing Game is a Blush romance from Ellora’s Cave, a departure from most of your other books. Why did you choose to write this sweeter romance?

A.S. : As I said, EC “called” for sweet historical. I wrote Christmas Bliss for the 2012 Christmas season and I loved writing that sweet book with all the rules and customs of the Regency ton. I do love writing erotic romance as well, but there’s something about the innocence of a cotillion story that I will always go back to. It’s a nice departure and a challenge to create a warm and engaging romantic story without the use of sex or graphic language.

What other projects are on the horizon for you that we’re likely to see?

A.S. : I hope you’ll see them all. ;) I just finished the second book of a series that began with Kane’s Bounty. It’s a paranormal erotic romance about psychics in law enforcement. I’m pretty sure the series will be called “Psychic Mates”. Joshua’s Mistake is book two and will come out this spring. I’m under contract with Ellora’s Cave to write two more for that series and I’m nearly finished with book three, Training Rain. I hope it will hit the virtual book shelves in the late summer 2014.

I have more going on that I can’t really talk about yet. I can say, I just agreed to write a big paranormal historical romance series. I expect to see the first book available summer 2014. As soon as all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, I will be shouting it from the highest mountaintops.

Thank you for joining me today, A.S., and we look forward to all your upcoming releases!

A.S. : It’s been my pleasure to join you, Siobhan. Thank you very much.

If you’d like a copy of Wishing Game, you can find it at:

And be sure to check out Ms. Fenichel’s other releases. Ellora’s Cave  Amazon    BN

Ms. Fenichel is gracious offering an ecopy of Wishing Game to one lucky commenter. Leave her a comment and a valid email address or Twitter handle. The giveaway is open internationally and goes from Monday March 10 2014 to 8:00 pm Pacific time Wednesday March 12.

You can find Ms. Fenichel at:

An Excerpt From: Wishing Game

Copyright © A.S. FENICHEL, 2014

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

It would be easier to hate Avery Townsend, if he weren’t so damned nice. And why did he have to have those arresting, amber eyes? They reminded her of a painting she’d seen of a lion. She couldn’t tell if he was about to devour her or cuddle her as if she was one of the barn cats. 

Why was he encouraging her to marry? If she had a husband, he would have no inheritance. “My cousin would marry me if I wished it. He and I are very close, more like brother and sister.” 

He made a sour face. “I suppose it is not a very appealing prospect to marry a man you think of as a brother.”

“No. However, if I were smart I would do it anyway.”

He frowned. Could it be he really was worried he would lose the lands and house? The tea arrived and she did not ask the incredibly forward question. Once the maid had left the parlor, Mary poured the tea. 

“You could stay here, cousin.”

Her heart thumped wildly. “What, in this house, after my father is gone and you are the owner?” 

He did not look up from his cup. “Yes.”

“As what, exactly, Mr. Townsend?”

His strange eyes lifted and his gaze settled on hers. She had no idea what the man was thinking. “Exactly as you are now, if you choose. I shall not put you out of your home.”

“And where will you be, cousin?” She used the familiarity he requested but bit out the word so there was no doubt of her distaste. 

He stood up and moved toward the window. The rain continued to pour down. “I shall not trouble you much more than to stop and check the accounts from time to time.”
Her entire body grew hot with rage. Her voice rose in both volume and pitch. “Am I to be your mistress? Do you think me so desperate?” 

His neck grew red. When he spoke there was no doubt, she had angered him. “You misunderstand me, madam.”

She stood up and carefully placed her tea on the table. “Do I? How will it be proper in any way for me to live in this house after you take possession? It’s already scandalous that you are here before my aunt arrives.”

“It is your house.” His voice rose over hers. 

She took a step forward, refusing to be intimidated by any man. “No, sir. That is where you are wrong. When my father dies, you have the happy luck to be the heir to Heartshorn. If I stayed, the neighborhood would be aghast.” She took a deep breath. “I hope you will keep the staff on. I would hate to see them out of work after serving the Earl of Westbridge most of their lives.”

He crossed to her and stood towering over her with only inches separating them. His eyes flashed with danger, but she held her ground. Her heart raced and fear rushed to every nerve. Had she gone too far? She must learn to control her temper and stay her wicked mouth. 

She thought he might strike her, but his hand came up and touched her cheek with a gentleness she wouldn’t have equated with the man or the situation. She watched his Adam’s apple bounce several times. His mouth opened and closed and his eyes flicked from her mouth to her eyes. 

Mary could not have moved if the roof had caved in on her. She was in a trance.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment and when they opened, she could see his temper was quelled. “Forgive me, cousin.”

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.


  1. Nice interview, ladies! :) Wishing Game has been getting some fantastic reviews, congratulations! Can readers expect to see more sweet Regency stories from you in the future, since you do them so well?

    1. Thanks Karla, I'm blown away by how many nice things people have been saying about Wishing Game. While I have nothing in the works right now, I sure hope to write more sweet Regency books. I love them and I appreciate the compliment.


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