Friday, June 7, 2013

#ThursThreads - Week 73 - Winners


Week 73 of #ThursThreads had some terrific tales! Thanks to all who came to write yesterday, we had a great turnout! I'm honored to see all of the returning writers and read your stories. Thank you for coming back again and again to write. And I'm delighted to see new writers stopping by. Great thanks go to Laurie Roma for reading the stories.

  • Rebecca Brennan | @bexbrennan
  • The Imaginator | @theimaginator20
  • Rafe Brox | @etcet
  • Mark Ethridge | @LurchMunster
  • Sheilagh Lee | @SweetSheil
  • Sandra Bunino | @SandraBunino (first entry)
  • Kelly Heinen | @Aightball
  • Theresa Breaux | @theresabreaux
  • Kayla West | @bookwormattack
  • Madison Woods | @Madison_Woods
  • Susan Hayes | @capricia13
  • Silver James | @SilverJames_
  • Rosalind Smith-Nazilli | @vixenfiction
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Rebecca R Kovar | @RRKovar
  • Sandra Bunino | @SandraBunino (second entry)
  • Teresa Cypher | @Teresa_Cypher
  • Lizzie Koch | @lizzie_loodles
  • Ryan Derham | @Ryan_Derham
  • Nellie Batz | @solimond

Winners Announcement:

Honorable Mentions
Mark Ethridge | @LurchMunster
Laurie says: Clever! Mark wrote a clever snippet with a nice twist of a glimpse in the life of a mosquito. It was funny, entertaining and deserves an honorable mention for creativity!

Kelly Heinen | @Aightball
Laurie says: Hot! Kelly also receives an honorable mention for a hot scene using a prop of fake teeth to spice up some bed play.

Susan Hayes | @capricia13
Laurie says: Intriguing! Susan gets an honorable mention for a scene that is intriguing and made me want to know more!

Silver James | @SilverJames_
Laurie says: Fun! Silver James wrote a scene with humor and an interesting plot. Although I wasn't sure why she killed him, it was cleverly done
Week 73 Winner

Laurie says: Teresa created an interesting scene that drew me in, using wonderful imagery and a witty twist. Congrats, Teresa!

Caspar Rickets set off down over Rattleback Hill, following no more than two steps behind his uncle Bodey. Deever’s Hollow was their destination.

Bodey spoke in a hush, “Late October woods sure are lonesome.

Caspar shuddered, then his uncle added, “And pick your feet up boy. Ain’t no time to trip and tumble. You’d make a helluva racket—enough to wake the dead.”

Caspar’s eyes refused to blink in the near-darkness where even moonlight worked hard to pry its way into the dank woods. The smell of decaying leaves, and shadows of twisted, rotting wood sent chills up and down his spine. “No gun, uncle Bodey?”

“Gun ain’t no use for what curses this night.

Deeper in the valley, a half mile south of Hook’s Bridge, something stopped Bodey in his tracks. “Hear that? Gawd above, I hear their voices everywhere.”

Bodey was silhouetted by steel gray clouds, backlit by a full moon. Moss hung motionless, long and limp, like witch hair—dirty and unkempt.

“N…n…no. I don’t h…hear nuthin. Whatdya hear?”

Bodey’s voice was strange, even otherworldly when he said, “I will feast on your blood.”

Caspar could barely breathe. “You really din’t bring no gun? Not even a little one?”

In that undead voice, Bodey said, “If’n they come near, I’ll just swat them.”

Caspar’s heart drummed. He could barely breathe. He managed to whine out, “Huh? Swat them?”

The corners of Bodey’s lips turned up when he said, “Skeeters, Caspy. What didja think I was hearin’?
Congratulations Teresa, Mark, Kelly, Susan, and Silver! Don't forget to claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it! :)

Pass on the great news on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, shiny mirrors, Morse Code, and signal flags. Check out all the stories here. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)

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  1. Thank you, Laurie! I'm tickled pink that you liked it. And thanks, Siobhan--for hosting such a fun event. :-) It was fun, but I admit it was more challenging than I thought it would be, lol. I can see how much benefit it has for writers to push their limits. Motivational and fun. And it's a beautiful example of just how awesome the online writing community is!


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