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Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked for the Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop hosted by Under the Covers Book Blog. Ready for some hot summer reading? Now you have over 150 chances to win books and goodies from authors and bloggers. Woot!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet (since you have so many other folks to visit) and give you a little, hot excerpt from my newest release, Not a Dragon's Standard Virgin, a bestseller in M/F romance on

Here's the blurb:

Sacrificial virgins are so sixteenth century, but unless Isabelle finds a man to take her innocence, she’ll likely be next.

For Isabelle Andersen, being a virgin in a dragon-plagued Scottish village is dangerous. Potentially the next dragon sacrifice, Isabelle’s only solution is to lose her innocence, and fast. All she needs is one handsome stranger she can coax into bed, but Lochmore Cott doesn’t get much in the way of visitors.

Jonarrion Swiftwind has sworn off virgins. The last time he took one to his bed, his family paid the price for his lust at the hands of her demon-possessed father. He’s made it his mission to destroy all demons. Nothing distracts him from killing this demon until lovely Isabelle offers him tea. And her virginity.

Just one night of passion makes Jon realize he doesn’t want to let the independent beauty go. But will Isabelle accept him when she discovers the only real dragon in her village… is him?


He tried to smile around the heat of her satin skin against his hand, but he feared it came out more of a grimace. She swallowed hard and squeezed his hand, and he resisted the need to bury his nose in the sweet flesh of her neck.
He had to be a gentleman. When have I ever been a gentleman?
“Peace, Isabelle. I only wanted you to be sure of your resolve.” He stroked her cheek with his free hand and smiled. “And you may call me Jon.”
“Right, then. Jon. Shall we get started?” She rose and grasped the laces of her cincher in tight fingers.
“Easy, lassie.” He stood and held her hands still, the tension humming through her. “There’s no need to rush this.” He drew her back to the bed and sat down. “Come. Sit between my legs and let me help you relax.”
“Between your… Isn’t that where your—” She gestured at his tenting kilt and blushed.
“My what, Isabelle?”
“You know.” The red spilled down her throat and flushed her bosom. He wondered if it carried on straight to her pussy. “Your manly bits.”
He wanted to laugh at her choice of words, but he didn’t wish to anger her. “There are many names associated with my ‘manly bits,’ but it’s most commonly called a ‘cock,’ and yes, that’s where I carry it.”
“Cock.” She repeated the word in her husky voice, and his said anatomy flexed with her attention. “Does it have a mind of its own, then?”
“What?” Where had she learned such things as a virgin?
“Well, it just moved.” She gestured at his groin, and he resisted the urge to cover it with his hand.
He let out a startled laugh. “Actually, my dear, it often responds when called by name, and you said it so well. It couldn’t help but take notice.”
A mischievous smile curled her lips and damn near curled his toes. “Cock.”
True to form, his dick flexed again and his arousal swelled. Her sassy confidence grabbed far more than her sweet innocence. She’d fought years of tradition within this human community to come to his room, and now added some wanton wench into the mix. Sweet Goddess, this might be better than he’d expected.
“That’s exactly how to say it, lassie.” Her smile shot straight to his balls. “Now then, let’s take off that cincher so you may relax, and you can learn the feel of my body.” And I can enjoy yours.
He reached for her laces, but she pulled back a little. “I can get them.”
“I’m sure you can, Isabelle, but it’s more fun if I do. Will you permit me?” Jonarrion stared into her beautiful eyes and waited for her decision. She bit her lip again, and he had to bite his tongue to keep from moaning. Hellwinds, she’s sexy.
“Very well, Jon.” Isabelle sidled closer, and he inhaled her woman’s scent.
She had a wild, earthy scent like a rainy spring forest, or the shores of a windswept loch. Blended with it were the more mundane scents of cooking oils, fresh bread, and ale. His heart ached with nostalgia for home, and he closed his eyes, imagining her tending his hearth. How does she smell so good?
“Are you well, Jon?”
He opened his eyes to realize he’d pressed his cheek against her belly as he held her hips. What was wrong with him? He’d never lost track of his actions with a lover before. He glanced up at her and smiled. At least she hadn’t shoved him away.
“Aye, better than well. Intoxicated.”
He loosened her laces and released her breasts, the full globes bouncing gently under her chemise as he pulled away her stays. His mouth watered, but he kept his eyes on hers and settled his hands on her hips.
“You’re lovely, Isabelle.”
She snorted softly. “Right.”
“’Tis true, sweets. See what you do to me.” He drew one of her hands down to his kilt and tried not to thrust into her palm. “I don’t grow this hard unless I find a lassie beautiful.” He scooted back a little and patted the bed between his legs. “Come. Sit.”
“Are you sure I won’t hurt you with such a malady?”
“Malady?” He laughed. “Nay, lassie, it doesn’t pain me to be hard.” Unless it’s all night long. “You sitting here will only bring me pleasure.” He patted the bed again.
She turned slowly, and he enjoyed the swell of her arse in her skirt, but he especially enjoyed it when it settled against his rigid shaft. They sighed at the same time, and he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her waist.
“Ah, that’s lovely, Isabelle.”
“You’re so warm.” She snuggled back against his chest, and he tightened his hold on her.
Why did she feel so good there? He brushed her hair aside and dipped his head, trailing small kisses across her neck and shoulders. She gasped and stiffened with the brush of his lips on her skin, and he paused, inhaling her delicious scent.
“What are you doing, Jon?”
“I’m kissing you, sweet Belle. Is there something amiss?” Other than his raging cockstand and his unusual lack of control.
“Nay, not amiss. Just…strange.”
“Strange, how?” He slid his fingers over her shoulder and across her collarbones, reveling in the smoothness there.
“I feel strange, as if everything is tight and loose all at once.” She shivered when his hand dipped lower and cupped her breast.
“Are you well, Isabelle?”
She inhaled and nodded sharply, gathering up her courage.
“I’m fine.”
He dropped his hand to her waist again, rubbing in small circles. “We can take this slower if you need to.”
“Och, nay. ’Tis better to get it over with.” She straightened her shoulders and waited as if facing her execution.
“I don’t want to get it over with, Isabelle.” He pushed a strand of auburn hair behind her ear and turned her head to meet his gaze. “This might be a business transaction to you, but it still should be pleasant. If you find it too distasteful, we can stop.”
“Nay, not distasteful.” She turned and knelt between his knees, her arms resting on his thighs. “Just strange and…and I don’t know what to do. I feel useless.” She dropped her chin. “I haven’t learned the art of being with a man—not that I wished to. Oh bother!” She sat back on her heels and wrapped her arms around her waist, pushing those lovely breasts up until he wanted to shove his cock between their full embrace.
“What do you wish to do, Isabelle?”
“Lose my virginity, o’ course.”
“But?” Jonarrion reached out to tip her chin up so he could meet her eyes. “What else?”
“How do you know there’s aught else?”
He drew his thumb across her full lower lip, and his cock twitched at her gasp. “Because you strike me as a woman who takes pride in your abilities to accomplish your tasks. What more do you wish to accomplish?”
Isabelle sighed and smoothed the fabric of her skirt. “I wish I knew how to pleasure you.”
Exquisite joy and pleasure surged through his chest at her courage. Done. “Ah, my sweet Belle, then you have succeeded already.”

How would you like a sexy guy to teach you about being a sexual goddess? I think I see a few hands out there waving and voices screaming "I volunteer!" :D

Since this is a giveaway hop, I'm offering a PDF copy of Not a Dragon's Standard Virgin to one lucky commenter who follows my blog and answers this question: If you'd been able to choose anyone, either living or fictional, with whom to lose your virginity, who would you have chosen at the time?

The giveaway runs from Midnight Pacific Time on May 15 to 11:59 pm Pacific May 20th and is open internationally. You must be 18 years or older to win and please void where prohibited. Be sure to leave a valid email address or Twitter handle in your answer so I can contact you if you win.

Don't forget to visit all the other blogs on the hop - over 150 chances to win! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading. :)


  1. Now that is a fun question....
    how about Koldo from the book I am reading right now Beauty Awakened by Gena Showalter. Although in the book he is the virgin :)
    I follow via networked blogs & twitter (@leah92196)
    Thanks for the giveaway

    1. Nice. I loved Gena's Lords of the Underworld Series and I totally fell for Maddox, so I can understand your choice, Kerry. Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. character from a book, roman kategan from the kategan alphas series by t.a. grey.
    celebrity, jim morrison, def.

    lol, following via gfc (adamsgirl4602) and on f.b.

    thanks for taking part in the blog hop and for the contest/giveaway :)

    patricia crews

    1. So you go for the dark brooding types, Patricia? Nice. Those bad boys are so fun to tame. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Oh, Thor, not the actor but the "god". Absofreakinglutely. ;) elvenspirit at gmail dot com
    Niina from For The Love of Reading ~Book Blog~

    1. Oooh, now that would be a good time, Niina. Thanks so much for commenting. :)

  4. I'll go with Jim Morrison of the Doors just so I'd be able to say I was once "with the band". LOL I wasn't even much of a fan but he's kinda sexy.

    lilashawromance at gmail dot com

    1. LOL that's a great reason to want him, Lila. :D Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow thats a good question! LOL There are soo many good ones... hm.. maybe Legalos from Lord of The Rings? oo or Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse books or hell even Alexander Skarsgard. ;)

    1. I can see why Legolas is such a great lure. I loved his banter with Gimli and he had great hair. Thanks for commenting, Amber. :)

  6. Okay now that is a difficult question to answer! There are just so many fictional characters that are worthy, I can't just pick one. Hmmm...okay so real life I would have picked my husband...something special about being with your first. Thanks for the giveaway! esined615 at

    1. Definitely something special about that! Thanks so much for commenting. :)

  7. I'd pick Charles from the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs.

    1. Oh, yeah, great choice, Vanessa. Thanks so much for commenting. :)

  8. Congratulations, Amber! You've been chosen by random to win the copy of Not a Dragon's Standard Virgin. Thank you to everyone who stopped by on the hop. :)


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