Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Breath of Spring - The Fairy Ring Writing Contest

I was invited to join the Fairy Ring Writing Contest on Anna Meade's blog, and when I dragged my feet, I was encouraged to get my butt in gear and write a short story.

Here's the rules: To win, write a piece of flash fiction (300 words or less) on your (fictional or not) first-person encounter with a faery, goblin, or fantastical being of your choice. Being a paranormal romance writer, that seemed like a good idea. So here's my entry:

Breath of Spring

I finished my coffee and waved at Iris, before ducking out of the Ironwood Café into the windy day. Spring had come to Three Lakes, MI, but the weather gods hadn’t quite gotten the memo. Snowflakes dusted the sidewalk and the front of my jacket. I struggled with the zipper, wishing I’d remembered to wear gloves.
“Sand bars!”
I was so focused on my coat, I didn’t realize anyone stood in front of me until I collided with her. The scents of warm summer rain and sun-baked rocks filled my nose as my unfortunate victim grunted in surprise.
“Sand bars, I’m sorry!”
I looked down to meet the periwinkle eyes of the most delicate and beautiful female I’ve ever seen. The top of her head barely reached my chest, but the power of her presence hit me like boulder.
“Are you all right?” Her voice made me think of the tinkling cascade of crystals. I stood there gaping until I realized she’d asked a question.
“Oh, yes. Yes, I’m sorry.” I closed my mouth. “Forgive me. I didn’t see you.”
She laughed and pleasure zipped up my spine. “That’s because I didn’t wish to be seen until now.”
Her words didn’t make any sense, but I nodded, dumbly. The sun peaked out of the clouds, bathing us in brilliant sunlight and I swear she sparkled. The snow melted under our feet and a soft spring breeze ruffled the mahogany locks of her hair. I reached out to brush it from her eyes, but she caught my hand and laid a feather-soft kiss on the knuckles.
“Very nice to meet you, Bruce Boulderson.”
She released me and darted away, taking the delicious warmth with her.
“Wait! What’s your name?”
She looked over her shoulder, winked, and disappeared into the swirling snow.

(300 words without title)

I hope you enjoyed my little story and feedback is welcome! If you'd like to read the other stories or join in the contest:


  1. That's lovely! I love: "Her voice made me think of the tinkling cascade of crystals" :)

  2. >>She released me and darted away, taking the delicious warmth with her.<< Great line, wonderful images. Good job!

  3. Wow that was wonderful! Thanks for sharing a breath of spring in this cold weather. :D Delightful.

  4. This was really cute! Thanks for such an uplifting and sweet story.

  5. Very romantic, Siobhan! Thank you for entering :)

  6. Cute entry. Great sense of presence in your description. Nicely done!

  7. Bruce Boulderson is possibly one of the best names of all time!

  8. "Pleasure zipped up my spine" so nicely put!


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