Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How #FlashFiction Makes You a Better Writer

I love writing. I love it's myriad forms, it's subtle clues and hints, its vibrant colors firing the imagination. I love stories of betrayal and woe, ending with happiness and luck.

I'm a pretty good writer - I'm an even better oral storyteller, but writing reaches far more people (and I don't have to shout) ;) However, there's one form of writing I've only stumbled across recently that showed me I have lots of room for improvement.

This form of writing is called #FlashFiction. Ignore the hashtag symbol, it's just to help the search engines. FlashFiction is a form of writing that makes the writer really, really think about what they're writing. They only have 100-200 words in which to get a whole story down. It takes thought, effort, finesse. It ain't easy.

What can you say in 100 words, especially when part of the challenge is a photo, or a set of words, or even just a phrase? Wow, a lot, as it turns out, but you have to be creative and really focus to get the best out of it. It makes you think and use the best words you can to evoke images and emotions.

I've tried three such FlashFiction challenges: #MenageMonday from Cara Michaels, #HumpDayChallenge from Tracey Hansen (today at DRyanLeask's blog), and Madison Woods has the Friday Fictioneers. All have been a great way to improve my writing, but they've also been hilarious. Some of the entries have me ROFLMAO! ;)

This is a fun way to improve your writing and it helps take the stress of being stuck on your WIP. Give yourself a chance to have fun and see if you can write something you like in 100 words! Happy reading! :)

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  1. Well this is cool. I love flash fiction. These are three resources I didn't know about, so thanks for sharing. :)


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