Friday, September 16, 2011

FlashFiction, 100 Words to Live or Die and the Sunrise

Today's FlashFiction writing challenge can be found here! Below is my submission. :)

The glow over the eastern horizon heralded something more than just sunrise.

"It's live or die time," Chiera muttered, straining to hear the sounds of their approach.

Oh, she knew the phrase was "do or die time", but the outcome would be the same, either way.

She'd never tried to catch a gryphon before, but Cecelia's taunts had been too much and now she was out here at the edge of the Rended Forest, with nothing more than her wits, a leather rope, and some catnip.

The soft hiss of feathers through the air was her only warning.

They'd arrived.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading! :)


  1. Love this. I have this image in my head now of gryphons going all wonky for the 'nip--and I think that's a fantastic twist. Great imagery; I'm especially fond of "the soft hiss of feathers."

  2. I love "the soft hiss of feathers" too. Good story!

  3. ...And the hunt is on!

    Fun story, Siobhan. Thanks for sharing. :)


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