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#SnippetSunday - Bronco's Rough Ride - Don't Mess With Mistress's Toy

Welcome to the Snippet Sunday on the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Thank you so much for visiting. If you choose to comment today, I really appreciate it. The snippets are from my upcoming release, Bronco's Rough Ride, a military romantic suspense set in Las Vegas. It's a prequel to The Navy's Ghost, set 10 years earlier. No paranormal critters in this one, though there's plenty of kick-ass adventure and hot sex. You can read last week's snippet HERE.

Bronco is finally coming out of the drugs just in time for the tech to come in to give him his next dose. Lindsey found out they give him 42 milliliters of ketamine every two hours, enough to sedate a draft horse. She turns on her dominant Mistress Black to have the dosage changed.

Lindsey raised her chin. “I require you to decrease the dosage on my toy to thirty milliliters from now on.”
“Ma’am, I can’t—”
“Don’t hand me excuses, mister. I paid for my toy and I want to use him as I see fit.” Her voice brooked no argument. “You will decrease the dosage to my specifications for the usage of my product. Is that clear?”
“But he could regain some of his strength, ma’am.”
“You have him secured. The straps are rated for dangerous mental patients, are they not?” When the tech nodded, she added, “There, now, we’ll be fine. Only thirty milliliters from now on. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.” The tech gathered up his equipment and cart as he prepared to leave.
“Don’t try to weasel out of it, young man. I’ve had enough chemistry to know how to read a syringe.”
Don't mess with Mistress Black. ;) There are several great authors on the Weekend Writing Warrior list and in the Snippet Sunday Facebook group. A few of my favorites are Charley Descoteaux, SJ Maylee, Gem Sivad, Goran Zidar, Veronica Scott, and Karla Doyle.

If you're interested in more from Bronco's Rough Ride, here's the blurb:

What happens in Vegas, stays in the heart...

Chief Petty Officer John "Bronco" Andrews only meant to stay one night in Vegas for a little R&R before resuming his duties as a US Navy SEAL in Coronado. But someone slips him a mickey in the bar and he finds himself in Madame LeBeau's sex trade. As the product. Doped up on ketamine to keep him docile, Bronco has no choice but to let it ride.

Detective Lindsey Jarvis has been undercover in LeBeau's sex slave racket for two years and she almost has enough evidence to take it down. Between abduction, prostitution, and murder, she has LeBeau by the short hairs. All she needs is a "product". John is the perfect witness if she can get him out before the drugs shut down his heart. Then she'll be free to start a normal life.

Lindsey doesn't count on her overwhelming attraction for Bronco or her need to see him through detox. But she's a cop in Vegas and he's a Navy SEAL, two lifestyles with too much unpredictability to maintain a relationship. Neither have time for more than one wild rough ride, and what happens in Vegas, stays. Forever.

It's now available at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and All Romance eBooks. Thanks so much for stopping by and happy reading. :)


  1. I'm slightly confused (probably because of cutting to fit the sentence limit). Did the tech give him the dose? If not, why is he leaving?

    1. Yes, he gave the 42 ml dose in the sentences before this snippet, P.T. I couldn't include it because of the limit, and the tech wants to get away from Mistress Black as soon as he can.

  2. She's tough all right. Awful but too believable the way he is considered "merchandise". Great snippet.

  3. I wouldn't want to mess with her! Great snippet, Siobhan! And I love the cover of the book.

  4. Wow--she is tough!


  5. Nice job. I'm worried for him though. I'm looking forward to reading this.

  6. I'm getting a little worried for him even though I know you have a plan for getting him out.

  7. Thank heavens both of them are tough. They're going to need to be!

  8. Bronco was lucky Lindsay was so tough! Excellent excerpt, loved this book.

  9. Don't mess with her! Great snippet! What is store for him now. Should I be worried for Bronco? Or is this all part of a plan?

  10. Isn't ketamine a veterinary drug?

  11. Oh boy--things are about to get crazy. I bet he does regain some strength and some control. You've painted her as very wicked, Siobhan. :-) Good dialogue moves this scene along at a nice pace. :-)


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