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5 Questions of a Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Author: Silver James

Welcome back to the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Today I have the honor of hosting paranormal romantic suspense author Silver James (who’s one of my all time favorites, btw) with a new release, Christmas Moon. I finally met Silver at Hot Mojave Knights 2013 and she is even cooler in person than she is online. Hoorah! She is also graciously offering an excerpt to everyone, and a copy of her ebook to one lucky commenter.

Welcome, Silver. Thank you for being with me today. *Squeee!* Okay, fangirl moment done. :D

What started you on the path to becoming a paranormal romance author after being a first responder?

What’s that old adage? Write what you know? I was a writer long before I became a first responder and I’ve been a fan of paranormal romance since I first discovered the genre. It just made sense to combine the two and add in my experiences as an officer’s wife when my husband was in the army. As a result, all my main characters seem to be involved either in the military or public service in some form or another.

Congratulations on your recent release on Christmas Moon. Introduce us to the main characters and premise of your story for those who haven’t read the series.

This is tough to answer because all the wolves are in this story. I suppose Mac and Hannah, the hero and heroine of the first book in the series—BLOOD MOON—lead the way in CHRISTMAS MOON. The Wolves were part of a Special Operations unit in the army. Due to circumstances and on account of because, the unit was disbanded and subsequently brought back together. There’s a civilian corporation wanting to exploit their “unique” genetic structure and we all know no good will come of that! LOL Hannah was an army major sent on an assignment with the Wolves and during the course of it, she and Mac discovered they were mates. The premise for this particular story is that the Wolves are now outlaws, which is tough with wives and kids involved, it’s almost Christmas, and they owe a debt of honor to the family of a deceased comrade.

Did anything in particular inspire this story?

Actually, it was the fans of the series. Lots of readers were “poking” me about when the next book would be out and even though I was in the middle of launching a new urban fantasy series, I decided to write a Christmas story for them. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen for sure but when Liam (Mac and Hannah’s preteen son) reminded me that his first change was about to happen and he really wanted his dad to be there to help, the plot just fell into place.

I love your blending of werewolves and military. What are the Wolves’ origins and how did they get involved in the military?

According to their backstory, the Wolves have been around and serving in the military since the Declaration of Independence, basically. Several of them rode with Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. Nakai, one of the Wolves in the first three books, was a Navajo Code Talker. In my werewolf mythos, the wolf DNA traces back to two roots—either Celtic or Indian (Native American). As a result, my wolves tend to be of Scot/Irish descent or like Michael Lightfoot and Jacob Nakai, Indian. These two “ancestry” groups tend to have a strong sense of military duty in real life. In the series, the military has always had a need for the type of missions they go on, though the true nature of their unique abilities is a state secret. Or was until Black Root Corporation got involved. Cue the dramatic music here…

Uh-oh...What other projects are on the horizon for you that we’re likely to see?

Where to start? LOL There’s at least one wolf who hasn’t met his mate yet so Antoine’s story is still to be told. Look for BLUE MOON next spring. I also plan on producing full novels that detail more of the backstory and some of the things that happen between each of the novellas. The first, MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS AND LIES will encompass the first three stories—BLOOD MOON, BAD MOON, and HUNTER’S MOON. The second, MOONSTRUCK: BETRAYAL, covers the next three books, WOLF MOON, BRIDE’S MOON, and ROGUE MOON. They’ll be available in digital and print formats next spring as well.

Additionally, I’ve launched my new urban fantasy series, The Penumbra Papers, with the prequel novella, THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC, and the first book in the series, SEASON OF THE WITCH. I’m at work on the second book, THE DEVIL’S CUT and it will be available in 2014.

Thank you for joining me today, Silver, and we look forward to all your upcoming releases. Definitely!

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Silver has graciously offered a copy of Christmas Moon (Kindle or PDF) plus a copy of the winner's choice of one other Moonstruck book (they're all good - you can't pick wrong- in Kindle or PDF format) to a lucky commenter who tells us: Pick your favorite "Wolf gene pool." (Hint: their DNA is dicussed in one of her answers.)

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Liam stood in the door of the RV, so angry his whole body vibrated. “We won’t have a Christmas? Mom, you promised!” He whirled and was gone before his parents could react.

“Aw, crap. I’m sorry.” Sean’s expression turned hang dog. “I didn’t realize he was standing there.”

By the time Mac got to the door, with Hannah close on his heels, Liam was already ducking into the woods at the edge of the campsite. Cody stood frozen in place, his eyes wide and scared, as he squeezed Micah’s hand to keep the little boy from crying. He turned to the adults.

“No Christmas?” His voice quivered as his bottom lip trembled.

Micah let out a wail, which brought his parents barreling through Hannah and Mac. Sean and Annie followed close behind.

“What the hell? What did you promise, Hannah?” Mac’s lips pressed into a tight line.

She scrubbed her hands through her hair. “He was worried about Christmas, Mac.”


Hannah’s fingers curled against her palms as she fought down her temper. “And, while the holiday has tended to be a little loose for us because of our jobs, this year, he decided it was important.”

“So you promised him?” Exasperated, Mac turned away to hunt his son. He paused when Hannah’s hand grabbed his biceps.

“No. I promised him I would try. There is a difference, Mac.”

“Mommy, does that mean Santa won’t find us?” Cody stared up at Annie, his gaze darting between her and Sean.

Annie looked helpless and Sean wanted to kick himself for ever opening his mouth. “Charlie foxtrot,” he muttered. “It’ll be okay, little man.”

Liz cradled Micah in her arms and leaned against Michael. “I know you have to do this, but yeah, I sort of feel the same way.”

Picking up a rock, Hannah hurled it against the nearest tree. She muttered curse words, aware of big eyes watching her every move. After counting to a hundred, for the second time, she inhaled deeply, held her breath then exhaled in one long gust. Turning to face the crowd now gathered outside the RV, she slid into her role of commanding officer like a chameleon changing colors.

“It will be okay, Cody. Santa is full of magic and he knows where all the good little boys and girls are sleeping on Christmas Eve. At the rate Liam is going, he’s liable to get coal and switches in his stocking.”

Cody’s eyes widened so much Hannah could see the whites all the way around his pupils.

She closed her eyes briefly then opened them and tried again. “Santa will find us no matter where we are, Cody. And there will be a tree and presents and Christmas dinner.”

“You bet, Cody.” Jacey stepped over to side with Hannah. “I’ll make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we’ll figure out turkey and dressing and all the trimmings.”

“Olives? I like olives.”

Annie rubbed her son’s shoulder. “Absolutely olives, Cody. The pitted kind and I won’t even fuss if you eat them off the tips of your fingers.”

Thank you for stopping by, good luck in the giveaway, and happy reading! :)


  1. *whistles* *sings off key* *listens to crickets* LOL Gosh, Siobhan, I guess it's just you and me today. I guess everyone else is out Christmas shopping. But that's cool. We always have the BEST conversations! Oh...and thanks for hosting me today. *big grin*

    1. Little do they know if they stop by, they could save some money on books... :D I'm happy to have you here. And for the record, I love black olives at Christmas, eating them off my fingers. ;)

    2. LOL! I think EVERY kid has done that. And it just fit Cody's personality so perfectly. It's so weird having kids in my books but hey, when the rugrats show up... LOL

  2. Good afternoon, Silver and Siobhan. Today was my day to be out and about for errands and lunch with a friend. Wandered over to the blog when I got home. Loved the interview and the excerpt. Werewolves are one of my favorite creatures. Both of the Wolf gene pools are great, but I'm partial to the Native American Indians. I've been fascinated with code talkers from the first time I read about them. Ladies, have a great rest of the day. 😃

  3. *waves madly* Hi, Sandy! I hope you had a great lunch! I'm torn, which is why I have both covered. LOL I think it has to do with my "mixed" heritage. I'm Chickasaw and Bohemian, but my adopted parents were Irish/Scottish/Welsh and Swedish. I'm really glad I don't have to pick. LOL

  4. I thought I commented here yesterday. Maybe I read the post and meant to come back later. Anyway...

    HI! As you know, I love all your books. Christmas Moon is awesome. SQUEE! And I'm not picking favorites. I love both gene pools and all the Wolves. =o)

  5. Hi ya'll.....I LOVE the Moonstruck series. I have read all of them and loved Christmas Moon. I wonder if Silver is gonna write Cody's story. I would love to see what kind of man he turns out to be. I have you on my list so any new books that come out I get immediately. I love both gene pools too. But I am partial to Native American being half Cherokee myself. :) I also love the Penumbra Papers. Siobhan your books look great I will have to start reading some. BUT...hehe...I am avid Silver James love wolves...they are a totem of mine. :) Ya'll have a Merry Christmas.......Nita

    1. I understand about being a Silver James fan. My wolves are similar in that they have a Native American start, but they aren't all military and they come in male and female. Thanks so much for stopping by, Nita. :)

    2. Awwww, Nita! Thanks! I hadn't really thought that far in the future, LOL. Cody is just turning 13. But hrmmmm. Something to niggle around with Iffy. And who knows about the Wolves. They can be all pesky when they want a story to get out.

      And I'm soooo glad you like the Penumbra Papers. That series is just as near and dear to my heart. Thanks for stopping by. You really should give Siobhan's books a try. Her wolves are fun, but if I had to pick a favorite series, I'd have to go with the Cloud, Colorado world. All sorts of critters, including a very hot Hell Hound. *big wink*

  6. B.E., that's the easy way out! LOL But I forgive you this time. *wink*


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