Friday, June 15, 2012

#ThursThreads - Week 27 - Winners

Week 27 of #ThursThreads had some great tales! Thanks to all who entered this week. I'm honored to see all of you and read your stories. And it was great to have some new "faces" join us along with our returning regulars. Great thanks also goes to judge Jason McKinney for reading all the tales.

  • Lisa McCourt Hollar | @jezri1
  • Wakefield Mahon | @WakefieldMahon
  • Toni Wyatt | @Toni1777
  • Stevie McCoy | @theglitterlady
  • Sheilagh Lee | @SweetSheil
  • Aylah | @Aylah50
  • Michela Walters | @MichelaWalters
  • Ryan Strohman | @rastrohman
  • Nicole Wolverton | @nicolewolverton
  • Goran Zidar | @GZidar
  • Jeff Tsuruoka | @JTsuruoka
  • Nellie Batz | @solimond
  • Mark Ethridge | @LurchMunster
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Jalisa Blackman | @J_M_Blackman
  • Cara Michaels | @caramichaels
  • Miranda Gammella | @MLGammella
  • Rebekah Postupak | @postupak
Jason says: All the stories were fun and well put together, and I thank you all for allowing me to read them.

Winners Announcement:

Honorable Mentions

Wakefield Mahon | @WakefieldMahon
  Jason says: the hilarious tale Men are from Mars, by Wakefield Mahon. This was so funny that I can’t begin to convey the truth in that statement. As a father and husband I saw a lot of truth in those 250 words put into a very whimsical piece of flash fiction. Well done, Wakefield. Deciding between this and my number one pick was very difficult. Wakefield can be found probing unsuspecting twitter Earthlings as @WakefieldMahon.

Jalisa Blackman | @J_M_Blackman
Jason says: JM Blackman’s short tale of two hopeful parents creating a brand new baby girl. I loved the Frankenstein’s monster theme being used to bring a child into the world.

Rebekah Postupak | @postupak
Jason says: Rebekah Postupak’s flash fiction of how time flies for a couple deeply in love. This story made my list because I’m a sentimentalist and it reflects how I feel about my wife and how time seems to move faster than any of us realize. Rebekah travels under the twitter name @postupak.

Ryan Strohman | @rastrohman
Jason says: a poignant and thought provoking tale by a man simply known as Ryan. Ryan operates under the twitter handle @rastrohman. Having been involved in something similar to the near accident in this story, I can relate to how the realization of “Few things are worth dying for” can take on a life of its own and make things we take for granted become important again.

Week 27 Winner

  Jason says: Now this was a sweet little flash fiction read of discovered deceptions and cold-blooded murder. I loved the exchange between the wife and husband, leading up to his insinuation that she’d lost her mind and her answer that she thought it was a fair trade for his life. It was a well written, brief tale highlighting the unspoken fear of all cheating spouses. Outstanding work, Lisa! Lisa can be found artfully dissecting the living under the alias @Jezri1.

A Fair Trade

“That didn’t take long…” George’s voice trailed off as I took off my coat. Blood was covering my white blouse, the crimson stain resembling a macabre flower in mid bloom. Dropping the garment on the ground, my knees buckled and I would have landed next to it if he hadn’t caught me.

“My God,” he said, easing me onto the couch, “what happened?”

“I killed her.”

“Killed who?” Confused, he looked me over, searching for a wound to explain the blood. “Were you in a car accident?”

“No.” My voice sounded hollow. Inside I felt dead.

“Then what happened? You were going to the store.”

“I lied. I went to see Sheila.”

“Tom’s wife? Why?”

“She called, told me about the two of you.” My words landed with a thud.

“Linda, what on earth…I would never...What do you mean you killed her?”

“She was pregnant.”

Shock on his face.

“Oh, you didn’t know? Well, you would have soon enough. She was going to tell Tom that she wanted a divorce. She said you would leave me. I tried to explain to her why you wouldn’t, the pre-nup that you signed. Then I realized, all the little accidents lately…my brakes, the gas leak…the broken basement step, they weren’t accidents.”

“You’ve lost your mind, that’s it.”

Lifting my coat from the floor, I reached into the pocket, pulling out a knife stained with Sheila’s blood. “Maybe,” I said, lunging for him, “but I think it’s a fair trade for your life.”

Congratulations Lisa, Wakefield, Jalisa, Rebekah, and Ryan! Claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it! :)

Pass on the great news on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, shiny mirrors, Morse Code, and signal flags. Check out all the stories here and I hope to see you all back next week for #ThursThreads. :)

All stories written herein are the property (both intellectual and physical) of the authors. Thank you.

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