Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

I hope your May Day is glorious. May you get sunshine for the first time in weeks! Maybe you have friends and family coming to help celebrate the warming of the year. I went out and looked at my garden today and found all our flowers flourishing.

 This unusual creature is a Martha Washington geranium. I loved the rich red color.

 I had one California Poppy volunteer from last year. They always remind me of my paternal grandmother. She loved them and pointed them out to me on the sides of the road when she came to visit.

 These are called Green Leaf Daisies and when we moved into this house the plant was the size of a basketball with only twenty blooms.

This is my other Martha Washington geranium and I love its "star" qualities. Plus, it's purple! :)

 I loved the purple flowers on this desert succulent. I have no idea what kind of plant it is, but it's purple!

Mr. SM got me a rose plant last year and it barely bloomed. This year our Tropicana rose is producing quite well and they smell wonderful (I buy roses by nose).

I hope you have a marvelous May Day (and Beltane) and this gives you some of those May Flowers the April showers were supposed to bring. Happy May Day!

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