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Snippet Sunday - Take the Reins - Twilight Zone

Welcome to the Snippet Sunday on the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Thank you so much for visiting. If you choose to comment today, I really appreciate it. The snippets are from my upcoming release, Take the Reins, a fantasy adventure with romantic elements. This story is connected to my SEALs romantic suspense and will be out December 10, 2014. You can read last week's snippet HERE.

In this snippet, the Senator Stanton's daughter Bethany is missing. Bethany agrees. She has no idea where she is, but she gets up close and personal with a Greek myth, whether she likes it or not.

The centaur’s scowl only deepened. He bent at what would be a human waist, leaning on his spear and stuck his nose no more than six inches from hers.
“What are you?”
Bethany gaped at the bearded face before her. She hadn’t expected his voice to be so musical or smooth when coupled with such a harsh visage. “I…”
“What are you? Druid? Gorgon?”
Bethany drew back. “Wait, what? No, I’m human.”
Deep brown eyes scanned her face, the scowl never leaving his features. “Humans are a myth.”
The words were so absurd, Bethany laughed. “I’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone.”
He snorted just like a horse would and straightened. “I do not know what that is or what you are, but you should not be here. Get up.”
Bethany scrambled to her feet and glanced over the centaur’s—shoulder? Back?―toward the maple, hoping to find Killian unharmed. If she could just get to him she might be able to get away. But while four-legged creatures filled the archaeological site, none of them sported a “simple” horse head.
Jeez, it’s like the leftovers from The Godfather.

Sounds like the senator is playin' fast and loose with his daughter's life. ;) There are several great authors on the Weekend Writer Warriors list and in the Snippet Sunday Facebook group. A few of my favorites are Charley Descoteaux, SJ Maylee, Gem Sivad, Goran Zidar, Veronica Scott, and Sarah Wesson.

Here's the blurb to Take the Reins, available everywhere December 10, 2014:

Social change is normal for a senator’s daughter, but affecting gender politics in centaurs wasn’t on Bethany’s agenda.

All Bethany Stanton needed was time away to think. She never imagined a walk with her horse might lead her so far from home. When she steps through a rift between worlds at an old archaeological site, she realizes she has bigger problems than marriage to the man of her nightmares. Like a herd of centaurs with distressing views on gender equality and “mythical” humans.

As part of the Supernatural Anomalies Investigative Field Unit, Major Stephen “Mack” McMacken has seen and done more weird stuff than written in a science fiction novel. When called in to track down a U.S. Senator’s missing daughter, Mack figures it’s more a case of runaway rich girl than supernatural mystery. Until his team finds the portal and he’s nearly torched by a dying phoenix.

In a world ruled by mythical beasts, Mack and Bethany find themselves on trial for endangering the centaur village. With the only escape route they know gone, working together to establish their innocence might prove easier than avoiding seductive Sirens and ravenous native beasts.

And then there’s the not-so-simple matter of finding a way back home…

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading. :)


  1. Cool scene. I like that humans are myth. :) Love the line: Jeez, it’s like the leftovers from The Godfather. LOL!!

  2. "Humans are a myth", love that! Made me smile. :-)

  3. Agreed. Great line!
    Tweeted and G+'d

  4. Lovely snippet this week. I liked "hadn’t expected his voice to be so musical or smooth"

  5. Awesome!

    I was totally wrong last week. The Senator might have an agenda, but it sounds like it's totally in our world. I'm glad I'm wrong though, 'cause CENTAURS! :D

  6. Love the mix of fantasy and real life mixed together and that she seems as strange to him as he seems to her. Great excerpt!

  7. Gotta agree. Human's are a myth---love it!

  8. Love that last line and was amused by the humans are a myth comment.

  9. Ok, THAT'S a terrific twist! I wasn't expecting this in any way, so cool. Excellent snippet, can't wait for more.

  10. I love the "humans are a myth..." Fantastic turnabout!

  11. I love the way you reversed everything. That was really nicely played.

  12. Funny... I wonder how I'd deal with seeing a centaur. I love your character's reaction.

  13. "Humans are a myth" love it! Can't wait to read more! Great snippet!


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