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#ThursThreads - The Challenge That Ties Tales Together - Week 131

Welcome back to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked. I hope you had a good week away. Did you miss me? :) It's Thursday today, so get your flash ready. Writing a #flashfiction thread! Welcome to Week 131 of #ThursThreads, the challenge that ties tales together. Want to keep up each week? You're welcome to join the FB #ThursThreads group where we'll do events and make announcements. Need the rules? Read on.

Here's how it works:
  • The prompt is a line from the previous week's winning tale.
  • The prompt can appear ANYWHERE in your story and is included in your word count.
Rules to the Game:
  • This is a Flash Fiction challenge, which means your story must be a minimum of 100 words, maximum of 250.
  • Incorporate the prompt anywhere into your story (included in your word count).
  • Post your story in the comments section of this post
  • Include your word count (or be excluded from judging)
  • Include your Twitter handle or email (so we know how to find you)
  • The challenge is open 7 AM to 8 PM Mountain Time
  • The winner will be announced on Friday, depending on how early the judge gets up.
How it benefits you:
  • You get a nifty cool badge to display on your blog or site (because we're all about promotion - you know you are!)
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Our Judge for Week 131:

Leather jacket fan, archery expert, and erotic biker romance author, Layla Wolfe.

And now your #ThursThreads Challenge, tying tales together.

The Prompt:

“Shut up, that’s not true.”

All stories written herein are the property (both intellectual and physical) of the authors. Now, away with you, Flash Fiction Fanatics, and show us your #ThursThreads. Good luck!


  1. ~~~~~

    “Oh, for cryin’ out loud, did you have to go and fuck yourself over so completely?”

    “Shut up, that’s not true! This book is a statement. People are just going to have to deal.”

    He threw the book on the floor, and stomped out of the office.

    Good riddance. Being famous could just go get fucked.

    No way was she ever going to feel bad about it. People who don’t get what is important don’t deserve to be in your life.

    She had saved the young girl. Now her book was that story.

    Making people see the horrors of slavery.


    Word count: 100 on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

    1. Wow.. Intense! So well done!

    2. Why, thank you, Cate! You made me smile so big! :-)

    3. Good for her! It's almost never easy being a writer.

  2. @Ali_OMalley
    250 words

    It’s difficult at school now. I sit in his lessons and follow his every move with my eyes wishing, hoping, that he’d look at me, but his eyes skim passed me every time. Emmett—Mr McCarty as he’s corrected me several times now—won’t even acknowledge my raised hand.

    I think back to the night I lost my virginity, the night I gave it to him, and the tears sting my eyes something fierce. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He loved me. But now… he avoids me like I’m a disease and absolutely refuses to see me outside of school.

    “Run away with me.” He’d whispered while his fingers stroked me beneath cotton panties, but now he won’t even grace me with eye contact.

    My heart is broken and not even cheerleading can take my thoughts away from him. Not since I let him take me in the back of his car while I still wore my uniform. The white and blue of our school’s colours used to make me feel special, like I was part of something good, but now it just makes me feel dirty. Used.

    When I cornered him between classes and told him that I knew he loved me he just pushed me aside while angrily whispering, “Shut up, that’s not true.”

    As the bell rings and he disappears once more the anger boils up in my gut. He will listen to me, even if I have to make others listen to me first.

    1. I hope she starts talking to everyone about this. Teachers especially - sheesh!

    2. I want to read more of it, Alice. It has the promise of becoming a great fiction. :)

  3. “You know you want it,” he whispered to me.

    I poked him with my elbow and whispered back, “Shut up, that’s not true.” Then I turned my attention back to Mr. Banner as he droned on and on about photosynthesis.

    A chuckle sounded from beside me as Edward leaned in and said, “Admit it, Bella, you are dying to get it. I can sense it from here.”

    I tried to look nonchalant and shot back, “No, I don’t. You can keep it to yourself.”

    From the corner of my eyes, I saw him smirk knowingly at me and my stomach tightened at the sight.

    No, Bella. Be strong. You are a big girl. Big girls’ do not need something as silly as...

    My train of thoughts got cut off when I heard Mr. Banner call my name. “Miss Swan, if you want to daydream, feel free to just step out of the class. I’m sure a genius like you doesn’t care for something as worthless as plants.” The sarcasm in his words was loud and clear.

    I gulped and started to say, “No, Sir, I wasn’t daydreaming...”

    But he cut me off as he gave me a glare and asked, “Then what were you thinking about?”

    His glare made my brain-to-mouth filter disappear and I blurted out, “Kisses...I mean, the kisses in Edward’s pocket. Shoot! No, what I meant is, Hershey’s Edward’s pocket.”

    As I stammered, I heard Edward snicker from the seat beside mine.

    This isn’t over, Cullen.

    Word Count: 250

    1. Too funny - love the loss of the brain to mouth filter.

    2. Thanks a lot. I'm glad to have made you laugh. :D

  4. Hey, how do I follow this blog? I can't find the option here.

    1. Alice, it's below the pomegranate on the left sidebar and above the Tags section. :)

  5. I slipped my finger between her skin and the collar, hooking it to pull her closer. She resisted, as I anticipated. I had no desire to break her so much as savor the moment she acknowledged me as her master.

    “Come.You want to let go, to surrender to me.”

    “Shut up, that’s not true.”

    A deep vee formed in her forehead as she defied me and I discovered I wanted to kiss the crinkles away. This woman was strong. To win her submission would be an honor—an idea I hadn’t considered. When I first collared her, it was to show her I was in charge and to get what she wanted, she would have to bargain with me. She has a deep sense of honor and loyalty, attributes I consider important among my men. Why would I not want the same in the woman I took as my lover?

    I removed my finger, watching her closely. “Perhaps you are right.”

    Her eyes flickered, belying the expression of relief she painted on her face. Hunger and need were reflected there and as my dick stirred, I wondered if it was my own I saw in her eyes. Gripping her shoulders, I spun her, enjoying her gasp of surprise. I unbuckled the collar and removed it.

    “What are you doing?” Her breathy whisper caressed the air.

    “Our bargain is done. You are free.”

    Her shoulders bowed, as did her head. “I am?”

    “Yes. Goodbye, Angel.”

    I left her standing there.

    249 words on my MC WIP when I should be working on my Wolf WIP - LOL


    1. Glad to know I'm not the only person with several WIPs at once and always feeling I should be working on another! I want to know the rest of this one.

  6. Pale sage paint lent a calm air to the room in which the youth were held. A slight hint of lavender was blowing in through the air ducts—enough to calm, but not to arouse suspicion.

    “They’re kids,” Les had said when they were preparing the detention area. “What do they know?”

    Ali watched the young people through the surveillance system. There were seven: three girls and four boys, aged from thirteen to sixteen. All of them were from government families, which had been the main criterion for choosing them. Ali cocked her brow at the screen as the youngest of their detainees spoke.

    “Do you…do you think they meant it when they said our parents wanted us to be here?” Her voice was hesitant, scratchy, but otherwise clear.

    The eldest of them—a boy—shook his head. “No. They just said that to keep us quiet. We have to figure out how to get out of here.”

    “I bet they’re dead,” another boy murmured, dragging his hands over his red hair in mindless repetition. “I bet they are.”

    “Shut up, that’s not true,” the oldest girl protested from the corner. “It can’t be.”

    The young people took sides, facing one another as if there were an imaginary line, but the eldest boy stood between them. “Look, we gotta stick together, either way.”

    Ali buzzed Les. “We’re up. Turn off the lights.”

    The room went dark and the teens’ voices hushed.

    The youngest girl whispered, “They’re listening…”
    = = =
    Word count: 248
    Sandi Layne

    1. Eerie - this scene would fit right in with a novel I'm currently reading but that part of the story is just glossed over.

  7. Aislynn gave him a half-smile. “There’s a reason I have the Underground, Chayse. Instead of killing being after being, I just take a little of the sexual energy others generate, and I can survive without causing death. Not all succubi have discovered this secret, or care enough to do so.”

    “Why do you?” Chayse hoped he didn’t sound belligerent.

    “Because I’m lonely.” She shrugged at his confused frown. “It’s hard to have long term relationships of any kind when my sustenance comes from the sexual life energy of anyone around me. Intimacy is out of the question entirely. But with the sex club, I can feed without killing anyone, and I can have a few companions who don’t have to fear death.”

    “What about addiction?” Chayse swallowed back bile at the thought of how badly he’d deteriorated with Celine. “I have the addiction to the allure of succubi. Celine taught me my strength and species didn’t matter. I will always have the addictive personality.”

    Aislynn nodded. “Perhaps we have to make sure your addictive personality is always fed by what it needs rather than what will destroy you.”

    “How do you propose we do that? I’d have to be shut up—”

    “That’s not true, Chayse. We will protect you and stand with you, and give you what you need.”

    “We?” Why did hope curl through his chest and out his mouth?

    “Your brother Nik and I.”

    237 ineligible #WIP500 words

    1. I love the way you played with the prompt - and also want to know more of this story.

  8. Meeting Derek at a bar I noticed Raikes, the alien who broke my heart, stood beside him. Raikes blue eyes raked over me and I almost walked away.
    “Meet Raikes, Astraea. He works for the government,” Derek introduced then turning to Raikes, he said. “Raikes, Astraea is a ball-breaker.”
    “Shut up, that’s not true,” I answered.
    Derek then smiled and walked away.
    “What are you here, Raikes?” I whispered.
    “I’m pregnant,” he said.
    “You said your species didn’t get pregnant in that cycle.”
    “I lied. I wanted you so bad I took a chance.”
    “You said it was a mission hook-up,” I cried hurt.
    “You seem moody.” Raikes commented, and then he scanned me with his eyes, “You’re pregnant too! We’ll have twins, a great blessing. Do you know how rare it is for an Iginisian to find a mate, who is so in sync? It’s destiny.”
    I wanted to tell him to go away, but even now I wanted him. Raikes as if he heard my thought, took me in his arms and kissed me, a kiss that took my breath away and made my bones melt and the room disappear. The next thing I knew I was married and Raikes was naked beside me in his bedroom. Our daughters Rainbow and Sunny were born three months later. The girls are a blessing that we share, for even passion can’t keep two aliens together; for Raikes broke my heart again moving to Derek, who is no longer my friend.
    250 words

    1. Wow, you got a lot of story into that little space! Interesting concept with the twins.

  9. The Comedian

    “Shut up, that’s not true.”
    We yell and we scream
    Reading the news
    The man who entertained us
    Gone in the blink of an eye

    He made us laugh and cry
    A part of our lives
    Streaming in movies, shows
    In our living rooms
    Could not be dead

    We cry tears we yell
    And we grow angry
    All the stages of grief
    We feel like he is family
    This funny man

    Yet the comedian
    Cried tears of a clown
    And we heard him not
    No one could touch the darkness
    That yelled deep within him

    I’m not good enough
    No one cares about me
    The voice cried
    Let me die
    Let me die

    The companion, that awful cloud
    That hovers amongst us
    Unknown and unwanted
    It burrowed and took the life
    From a good person
    Who couldn’t resist its sirens’ call

    We wish he could have reach out
    And see the adoration now shown for him
    See the difference he made
    We wish we could turn back time
    And reach out to him

    Show him friendship and devotion
    Show him that he was loved.
    Too little, too late
    Don’t let this be the cry
    Make a difference
    In his name.

    201 Words with title

  10. "I think you're giving up, Sorin."

    "Shut up, Ejan, that's not true."

    Sorin spared him a glance and saw Ejan grin. She stuck her tongue out at him for that and got up from the flimsy cot in her corner of the Gyere cell.

    "I haven't given up, Ejan. I don't have the right magic."

    Ejan raised an eyebrow. "You have. You just don't know it."

    "What do you know, Ejan?"

    "That would be no fun, telling you."

    "You are irascible.. Don't you want to get free of this?" Sorin gestured to the alien prism of light surrounding them, imprisoning them.

    "I do. And I've known that you are the key to that, but you have to find it within you. I am of no value to you and I am certainly not worth the Gyere keeping me alive."

    "You know something. You have to tell me."

    "The key to using your magic lies within you. That is all I can say."

    "Do you think I can just magically take us outside this prison cave with a thought?"

    "Try it," Ejan said with a smile.

    Cate Derham
    186 Words

    1. Oh, I wonder if it works. I'm imagining one of the most beautiful prisons, with prisms of light all around it, but still, a prison is a prison no matter how gorgeous.

  11. All 6'7" of me towers over my husband. Tucked into a corner of the couch, blood dripping from his lower lip, his chest heaves with every breath. I rear my fist back, teeth clenched, eyes narrowed.

    "Take it back."

    He shakes his head, sweat beading on his forehead. "No. You're using again and I want you to stop."

    My fist slams into his cheek. "Shut up, that's not true."

    I grab his phone, throwing it against the wall. He bolts from the couch, but I'm faster. I glare at him, spittle flying when I grind out my next words.

    "I'm not using again."

    I swing, connecting with air. The back door slams. I run down the stairs, the back door crashing against the house. The world spins for a moment before I spot him.

    "Jack!" I roar.

    Gravel flies behind my shoes as I run for him. Foolishly, I left my gun in my truck. Dirt filters through my nose and down my throat. Facedown on our gravel drive, a knee drives painfully into my back. The cold metal of handcuffs yanks my hands behind my back.

    "I'm sorry."

    Jack stands by as I'm dragged to a police car, the lights on top too bright. Someone in a brown uniform shoves me in the back. I don't listen as my rights are recited. I focus on Jack as another man embraces him. My head bows as one single tear rolls down my cheek.

    243 words

    1. Wow! that was powerful. I've never read from this POV before. Well done.

    2. What a passionate scene. I hope this character gets the help they need.

  12. “Shut up, that’s not true.” Chase sighed rather more loudly than he meant too. He wasn't unkind as a rule but they had been through this before. There were only five of them in the garden and yet again Fred had to wind Billy up. This looked like the spirit bubble again!
    Chase closed his eyes for a moment as he remembered that day. They had all laughed when Fred had sent Billy down to the store for a bubble for the spirit level. Billy was so naive he'd not even questioned the request, even with the smirks and inevitable guffaws that had followed him out the gate. Chase had visited the store himself later and Bert had told him he hadn't been sure if the lad was pulling his leg or 'a bit simple'!
    Chase knew that Billy had grown up quite a bit since that last incident but he also had become quite quick with his temper. Fred this time may have gone too far. I mean really even at his most naive even Billy wouldn't fall for a joke like this, would he? He was actually standing staring at Fred with his mouth apparently open in surprise.
    With baited breath Chase and the others waited to jump in if Billy became angry. What they hadn't realised was that Billy had met Katy since they'd last worked together and the throes of love had made life shimmer s and his humour lighten. This time Billy got the joke.


  13. @AnastasiaVitsky
    243 words

    “Surprise!” Peyton squealed out of her parking spot to hurtle down the street. “I took a few days off work. We’re going on a road trip.”

    “What the…” Peyton never took time off. Ana shrieked and threw up her arm. “Watch out for the truck!”

    Peyton blazed through the red light and rolled down her window to jeer, “Watch where you’re going, creepo!” Angry honks followed.

    “Slow down!” Ana gripped the door handle. “You’ll get us killed.”

    Peyton took a right-hand turn on two wheels, slamming Ana into the console in between the front seats. “We’ve got to beat rush hour traffic, and what are seat belts for?”

    Ana glanced at the digital clock underneath the CD player. 11:14. “What rush hour traffic? Granger’s not big, and it’s barely lunch time.” Granger, Ohio might be kindly described as “two-bit,” if not one-bit.

    “Mapquest says it’s seven hours to Chicago. Want to bet we can do it in four?” They hurtled through a four-way stop sign, and Ana fought nausea. She’d never gotten carsick before, but she couldn’t handle much more of this thriller theme park ride. “We’ll wander around the Loop, and I made dinner reservations for the fireworks at Navy Pier.”

    Shocked, Ana gave a sharp laugh. Workaholic Peyton had scheduled the vacation Ana had always wanted? “Shut up, that’s not true.”

    Peyton slammed the gas pedal as soon as they merged onto the highway. “Nothing’s too good for you,” she proclaimed.

  14. They rolled down the soft grass, landing with him on top of her. Jason wedged his knee between Talia’s thighs. Her hair fanned around her head. Eyes wide, she gazed up and him, and parted her lips ever so slightly.

    The tension between them stretched out time. Her chest heaved from the exertion of their running. He rested on his elbows, and shifted his weight to one side. He stroked her hair, caressing the side of her face.

    “You’re so beautiful. Do you know that?”

    She bit her lip, and looked to the side. Wetness slipped from the side of her eye. He brushed away the tears.

    “Hey, what’s up? Why so sad?

    She took a deep breath, and the expansion of her stomach pressed against his body.

    “I want you, but I can’t be with you.”

    His insides clenched. Would he be any good for her? He’d only known her for a short while, and never planned to stay. Should he be selfish, simply because he lusted after her?

    “Why? I think we’d be good together.”

    “I see you, though. How you hold yourself back. I want someone who’s willing to lose himself.’

    He fought against the instinct to push up and walk away. She was worth more than his normal reaction. For a long time, all of his emotions had been shut up. “That’s not true. I do care.”

    Bringing his mouth flush against hers, set to prove he could be the man she needed.

    247 words

  15. “Shut up. That’s not true.”

    “So prove it!” Desiree‘s long history of teasing Mike stirred interest in the crowded bar. Everybody heard of him.

    “Not the time or place, Dez. Besides, it was a long time ago” Mike’s growl set the crowd off. The quiet taunting grew loud. Mike looked around and swore. Last thing he needed was his ex -Veronica to meet his lifelong crush. Second last thing was to prove the rumors true.

    “What’s not true?” Veronica’s voice wrapped around his mind. Too many bad memories. Not enough whiskey.

    “C’mon Dez,” he said. “Can’t do it, ok? I’ve had too much to drink already.”

    “Oh that again?” Veronica’s mocking laugh knifed through him. “Dez, right? Forget the rumors. Mikey here doesn’t have powers psychic or super unless you count being a daytime drunk.”

    Only drunk to keep the voices out, you heartbreaking bitch. All he needs is to relearn how to shield. Could show him in three seconds. He’d be fixed forever and ready for me to love him.

    That voice wasn’t his – or out loud. That was Dez – in his head. Was she like him? Wait, what did she say? Heart pounding, he turned to Dez.

    “Heard you,” he whispered. “Show me.” Dez smiled. The world fell silent. Mike turned to Veronica, thoughts clanging around her.

    “Love?” Mike held out his hand to Dez. “After you marry me? I’ll tell you about the times Veronica cheated on me and I knew. Oh and that JFK thing too…”

    Theresa Breaux
    250 words

  16. “Shut up, that’s not true!” Arnie growled, and shoved Brett hard.

    Brett stumbled back. “Hey! What the hell?!”

    “My brother is NOT gay.”

    Brett adjusted his jacket and moved behind the tire swing for protection. ”He has a boyfriend.”

    “He does not!” Arnie kicked a lump of sand. “Mason is just his friend.”

    “I saw them kissing in the locker room.”

    Arnie covered his ears and grimaced. “Stop saying things like that! I swear Dan is NOT gay! He’s straight!” Arnie’s last word came out as a sob.

    “Arnie…” Brett sighed, and came out to guide Arnie down to sit on the rusted roundabout. “Why is this bothering you so much? You never had a problem with anyone’s sexual preference before.”

    Arnie wiped his eyes and sniffed. “Once this gets around school Dan’ll get picked on and treated like crap for being different, just like me. I get bullied for being small, smart, and bad at sports, but it’s all the same. I’d never wish what I go through every day on him. He’s my brother.”

    Brett patted him on the back. “That’s kinda sweet, Arn. Still, you’re an idiot.”

    “What?” Arnie narrowed his eyes.

    “Aren’t you forgetting that he’s your BIG brother? Hasn’t he always had your back in the face of danger? He hasn’t changed. Don’t doubt for a minute he won’t be there for you when you need him.”

    Arnie took a breath and nodded. “And maybe it’s my turn to be there for him.”

    248 words
    Hunter Frost

  17. #ThursThreads is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who wrote this week and I hope to see you next week. :)

  18. Congratulations to this Thursdays winner! Keep up the great work!


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