Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Souvenirs - To Ink or Not To Ink

Good morning. I'm starting a little late today, but I have a good excuse.

Instead of working on nitpicky edits (which need to be done but are a pain in the butt), I got distracted by designing a tattoo. For one of my characters. In my upcoming release, The Navy's Ghost. Yeah, sometimes I'll do anything to get away from edits. :D

So here's a little excerpt about the tattoo I was working on from The Navy's Ghost.

“I needed you, Magic, and you weren’t there. I needed you and Retro. I still need you.”
Her abject misery tore at his heart and he kicked himself for not paying closer attention. This is the woman you love? What the hell’s wrong with you?
“I’m here, darlin’. I’m sorry I missed it. Retro is, too, I’ll bet. How ’bout we make it up to you?” He reached around her to the end table where he’d dropped his phone and tapped the text feature to answer Jim’s earlier message. “How ’bout I make sure you’re back’s fine then we shoot the shit for a while? Sound good?”
He tapped out a text let Jim know he’d found Chris and right now she needed them. While most of the guys scattered to the four winds in search of hot pussy to take care of the adrenaline build-up after an op, Jim had tried to visit Ghost. And couldn’t find her.
God knows Retro could probably find pussy right here with Chris. Her offer still stood as far as Todd knew and he didn’t mind putting it to the test. The only problem lay in Chris’s inebriation. He’d never fucked a drunk girl and he wasn’t about to start the trend now. Todd hit send on the text and squeezed Chris. “You still awake over there, darlin’?”
“Yeah. I’m thirsty.”
“Let me make you some coffee and I’ll check your back.”
“I don’ want any coffee. Don’t you have something stronger?” She sat up a little, bracing her elbows on her knees.
“Not in this house.” That wasn’t strictly true, but her breath could light a gas fire and he wouldn’t encourage increasing her blood toxicity. “You still on pain meds for your leg?”
“Not if I can help it.” Chris shook her head. “They make me groggy and most of the time it doesn’t hurt that bad. God, my back hurts now.”
“Let me get the coffee started and I’ll take a look.” Magic filled the coffee maker with enough coffee grounds to make a thick sludge. He could almost hear his father’s voice say, Strong enough to put hair on your chest. His phone pinged with an incoming text and he snatched it on the way back to the couch.
On my way.
Todd nodded at Retro’s response. Good. He scanned the living room for his med kit, but he’d taken it back to the guest bathroom. Chris still sat with her elbows on her knees and didn’t look like she’d move any time soon. Magic retreated to the bathroom for the med kit and returned to the couch, setting the bag on the floor.
 “All right now. Let’s take a look at your back.”
Chris didn’t move as he slowly peeled the tape from her taut skin. The odd smell hit his nose again and he held back a grimace as he pulled back the bandage. Thick black lines etched a swath from hip to hip across her lower back in a Celtic trinity knot. The top pointed up her spine and the side tips dipped into the dimples above her buttocks. The central lines of the knot wrapped in an intricate heart pattern before straightening into the larger loops.
The artist had talent and the tattoo looked lovely against her skin. Magic tried not to imagine holding her hips while he fucked her from behind while staring at the crisp, black design. She’s drunk, remember? The coffee would help with her inebriation.
Damn, Retro better get here soon.

Sounds like Todd and Jim have their hands full and better make it up to Chris. But that was the tattoo I spent all day drawing. Here's what I came up with.

This is the first tattoo I've drawn from scratch and I'm considering putting on my own body after all the work I did trying to figure out where the friggin' loops went. Celtic knots are hard to draw and it made my brain hurt by the time I was done. But I think it will go great with the other tattoo I have.

I love permanent art, but it took me several years to find anything I wanted to leave on my body forever (because once it's there, it ain't comin' off). Mr. SM says tattoos are addictive, but for me it comes down to art that means something to me. See the heart at the end of the dragon's tail? It says paranormal romance all the way.

So do you like ink? Would you get a tattoo? And if you already have one, would you get another?

Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. Hey Siobhan, I love your excerpt and am looking forward to the release of this book. I love tattoos and have one myself. A beautiful dragon that was designed for me. I'm getting ready to have her refreshed, I had her done 15 years ago. I'm thinking about my second tattoo. I obviously don't rush into them, because they have to mean something to me. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I'm like you in I need them to mean something. Has your tattoo faded over time? And is it in color? What are you considering for a second. Thanks for commenting. :)


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