Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Author Spotlight and New Release with Author Avery Gale

Welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked! Today I have to opportunity to spotlight multipublished author, Avery Gale. Her newest book, Perfect Picture releases today from Siren Publishing. Woot! :D She has generously offered a sweet excerpt for you to enjoy. :)

But first, the Blurb for Perfect Picture:

Noah Drummond left Iliana Red Cloud’s bed in the middle of the night to help a group of kidnapped young women. He didn’t return to Colorado, fearing his love for Ilaina would target the woman who became an international modeling sensation.

Now they have both returned to their small hometown in Colorado, and he intends to win back her trust and her heart. When Ilaina hears Alex and Zach Lamont asking Noah for his help rescuing the young daughter of a fallen fellow soldier, she volunteers her help.

Ilaina is tired of being sheltered and coddled. She wants to prove to Noah and her three older brothers that she is a woman worthy of their respect. Her confidence has been hard won. Years of dealing with stalkers and the media have hardened Ilaina in ways even she doesn’t like anymore. Can Noah protect her from the dangers that dance at the fringes of their mission and reclaim their future together?


Cara, everything about you fills me, your body pressed against mine, the smell of citrus and sage that surrounds you, and the soft sighs you make when you let yourself become lost in the moment. Come home with me when your family’s celebration ends. Let me show you what I wanted to share with you the night I was called away.” He felt her stiffen just before he spoke again. “I want to talk to you, please listen to what I have to say.”
Noah pulled back just enough that he could look into her obsidian eyes. They reflected so much uncertainty that he wondered if she would agree. When she simply nodded, his knees nearly buckled in relief. He’d traveled for almost thirty-six straight hours in order to get here for this celebration. He had known she would be here because it was an important occasion for her family. And understanding the significance of reestablishing their relationship when she was with her family was critical because the people she loved would be the key to the success or failure of his plan.
“Thank you cara. There is one more song I want you to listen to as we move around the floor. Listen to the words and think about the possibilities. Some of John Denver’s music has become cliché and that’s a shame because he had an understanding of the human spirit’s fragility that most people never grasp.” He’d chosen two songs and had asked the DJ to dedicate this second one to all the people celebrating love tonight. As the man spoke the words over the loud speakers Noah kissed Ilaina on the forehead and pulled her against his chest and slid his hand to that sensitive spot just above her ass and pressed her against his hard cock. “Perhaps Love” wafted through the air and he heard women throughout the room let out a collective sigh, so obviously he wasn’t the only one who appreciated the depth of the song’s meaning.
“Let the words settle over you as you take them in to your heart, cara. And look at the other couples on the floor. See how they understand the strength to be found in overcoming the obstacles life throws in love’s path. They have all endured and flourished because their commitment to each other has seen them through.”

If you'd like to read more of Perfect Picture, it releases today at:
Siren Publishing

If you'd like to read the other stories in the Shadowdance Club Series:
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For Avery Gale:

After a long series of jobs that never seemed “quite right” I wrote a short story for a cousin who was “bored” and discovered my niche.  My imagination has always been a bit “over the top” and most of my friends and family are grateful I’ve finally found a way to channel that energy positively.

When I’m not writing I’m helping out family or working in the yard. I love to travel, but haven’t gotten to do much of that lately…so I’m hoping to plan a little winter get-away this next year.
Perfect Picture is the seventh book in The ShadowDance Club series.  Readers who loved Trace & Tori will love this story even more!

I love meeting readers and since I live in a rural location, I rely on social media for those opportunities. 
You can find her here:
On Facebook
On Twitter
On Goodreads

Thank you for stopping by and happy reading! :)

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