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#SnippetSunday - The Beltane Witch - Blessings and Responsibilities

Welcome to the Snippet Sunday on the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked. Thank you so much for visiting. If you choose to comment today, I really appreciate it. Currently, the snippets are from my newest release, and while they aren't consecutive, they are in order within the story. You can read last week's snippet HERE.

Today, I'm offering a snippet from The Beltane Witch, the second book in the Cloudburst Colorado series. It's available on Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, and B&N. In this snippet, Darius is once again trying to convince Sabrina that she should do the rituals because it's a great honor. Sabrina speaks first.

“And you don’t understand. Unlike you, I don’t live in the world of the Sidhe. I live in this one and after the Summer Court leaves, I’m going to have to deal with the consequences, not the least of which will be some of my neighbors. You saw what Marty and the others think of an unwed mother. I’m not getting married just to appease them, but I won’t chance another pregnancy just to satisfy the Elves.”
“Children are a blessing.”
“Yes, they are, but those blessings take a lot of time, effort, and attention, and I only have so much I can give. I already have two blessings and they’re enough for me to take care of on my own.” Sabrina stopped, frustration and pain making her head throb. “Look, Darius, I appreciate the vote of confidence from the Summer Court, but I’m not the witch for the job. You’ll just have to find someone else or go elsewhere.”
Darius is definitely not a dad yet. Parenthood isn't easy. :) There are several great authors on the Weekend Writing Warrior list and in the Snippet Sunday Facebook group. A few of my favorites are Anastasia Vitsky, SJ Maylee, Goran Zidar, Zee Monodee, and A.S. Fenichel.

If you're interested in The Beltane Witch, here's the cover and the blurb:

Magic, mayhem, and motherhood… a witch’s work is never done, but Sabrina draws the line at the Fae.

After almost two decades as a practicing witch in Cloudburst, Colorado, Sabrina Foxglove is done with men, magic, and the fertility rituals of High Beltane. She’s dealt with all three before and ended up with two young daughters and no partner. Twice. She’s looking forward to a magic-free May Day, with nothing more exciting than making brownies for a kindergarten class and decorating a May Pole. She definitely doesn’t have time for a handsome, Fae-touched man…

After almost two centuries as the human chamberlain to the Fae’s Summer Court, Darius Winterbourne is a man accustomed to getting his way. So when the Summer Queen tasks him with finding a witch to perform the annual rituals and strengthen the ancient warding magicks, he figures it should be easy. He doesn’t expect Sabrina’s hardheaded refusal, her untrained abilities, or his attraction to her. With less than a week to Beltane, he must gain Sabrina’s trust before he loses his home, his position…and his heart.

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  1. I may have said this before, but I adore her practicality.

    Magic is one thing, but motherhood is quite another.

  2. No, it's not easy. It's the hardest and most rewarding job. She's in a tough spot. My heart goes out to her.

  3. Great snippet! (And she definitely has a point!)

  4. I doubt if Darius will give up though. Love your characters and this story - excellent excerpt!

  5. :-) Looking forward to reading this one, too!

  6. Those two have come a long way! Yeppers, he has no idea how much work being a parent is. Nice snippet, Siobhan!

  7. Great snippet, and very true. I hope things work out for them.

  8. I like how she decline the great honor. He sure is a guy.

  9. Nice deflection...

  10. I like the character is sticking to here guns. --- motherhood over magic, nice. That will cause some conflict.

  11. Wow! No matter what world we're in, unwed mothers get a bum rap! Nice snippet.


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