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#ThursThreads - Week 57 - Winners

Week 57 of #ThursThreads had some terrific tales! Thanks to all who came to write in the second year of the challenge. I'm honored to see all of the returning and read your stories. Thank you for coming back again and again to write. And it was also great to see some new 'faces' joining us. Great thanks go to Hennessee Andrews for reading the stories. :)

  • Laurie Sorensen | @LaurieSorensen
  • Raven McAllen
  • Theresa Breaux | @theresabreaux
  • Stephen James Lock | @hackerverse
  • Jeffrey Hollar | @klingorengi
  • Rebecca Brennan | @bexbrennan
  • Doris O'Connor | @mamaD8
  • Robin Abess | @Angelique_Rider
  • Dr. Magoo | @drmagoo
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Rebecca R Kovar | @RRKovar
  • Mary Papas | @MaryPapas2
  • Kayla West | @bookwormattack
  • Nellie Batz | @solimond
  • David A Ludwig | @DavidALudwig
  • Greg Nance | @acenance

Winners Announcement:

Honorable Mentions
Rebecca R Kovar | @RRKovar
Hennessee says: Wow, I was drawn like a moth to a flame. Who was he trying to kill? And why was the victim coming back? My mind churned the words through my head as I read, wanting so badly to know who these men were and what could drive them to where they had arrived. I gasped when the father asked if he should raise the mother’s spirit. Who can do that? And what power is he capable of beyond that? A war is coming, because of the birth of the son. Wow, he must be spectacular. Where’s the rest of this story? I want more.

Stephen James Lock | @hackerverse
Hennessee says: Chills. I found myself rereading to understand the depth of the story. The hats we wear are varied. Inner turmoil combined with anger can shape our view, our perception, and how we cope with memories. To me, this story is about saying goodbye, not to someone different, but the soul left behind.

Doris O'Connor | @mamaD8
Hennessee says: Mmm, I could sense the deep level of love, yet swirling anger. A decision made with repercussions tearing at the heart and soul those involved. Life or death? In this scene, both seemed equally wounded, but only one decision offered solace.

Week 57 Winner

Hennessee says: The story is gripping, emotionally grabbing interest of the reader while using wonderful imagery. Immediately, I could see the man. I could imagine the little girl next to him, so curious and innocent. The pain of speaking of the past while looking at the stark reality surrounding him was moving. This captured my imagination and took it to a place I hope to never see.

Before First Contact

“Tell me what it was like again,” the little girl begged the old man. She sat at his feet, looking up into his weathered face in the firelight, her eyes wide. He rubbed his calloused hands together, not looking at her at first, until she tapped his knee lightly and said “Gruppa, please?”

His worn blue eyes rested on her bright face for a few moments, and he frowned slightly. “What good does it do?” His tone was short, but he softened as her eyes shone with unshed tears. He knew what good it did. For a little while it took away the sadness and fear, and gave her something else to think about.

“Alright,” he said, gently smoothing her long auburn hair. She leaned against his leg and made a little sound of pleasure as he began speaking.

“Didn’t use to be a war, you know. Back in the day, the air was clear and the sun shone most days. People walked around and went wherever they liked, and no one gave ‘em no never you mind. You could read what you wanted, think what you wanted. Marry who you wanted. Live where you wanted…”

Sometimes he hated remembering, for it seemed like only yesterday that the world had been the way it was in the stories he told her. Before the ships came. Before First Contact. The world had rejoiced…for about a week. Then nothing was ever the same again.

Congratulations Robin, Rebecca, Stephen, and Doris! Claim your badges and display them with pride. You certainly earned it! :)

Pass on the great news on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, shiny mirrors, Morse Code, and signal flags. Check out all the stories here. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)

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