Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Souvenirs: Electric Blue

Good morning, readers! Sorry I've been missing in my Saturday Souvenirs posts. It got crazy here for a while. But if I hadn't been doing anything, I wouldn't have anything to talk about. :D

Here's a little backstory (I promise, it's short). In 1989, I bought my first CD even though I didn't have a CD player to play it on. But I'd heard this great song that stuck in my head and I was determined to not only have a copy of it, but to see the band play it when they came to the city nearest my home. My best friend and I saved our pennies and bought the tickets to the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. The band? Icehouse, and their debut American album was Man of Colours. My all time favorite song of theirs, of course, was Electric Blue.

Are you hiding somewhere behind those eyes?

In that vein, when it came to buying an electric car, Mr. SM and I really wanted to find something that would suit our needs (we have children), looked relatively normal, and dealt well with summer heat (it gets really hot in Vegas). We didn't really like the Nissan Leaf because we have family in distant places and we needed a vehicle that could take us across the country if we needed to go. My folks have a Toyota Prius, but while it is a nice hybrid, it's got a big butt (I don't like big butts, and I cannot lie) and looks kinda clunky.

We didn't know if the Chevrolet Volt was even worth considering until a salesman who does a ton of travel swore by it and let us take a look at his silver Volt. It was sleek, sexy, four door, and silent. I was sold immediately. Again, we had to save our pennies (a LOT of pennies) and we had to pick a colour ;)

In the desert, you don't want to go dark, but everyone and their brother has a white or silver car. Unfortunately, all the really interesting colours, the silver topaz blue or the viridian joule (silver green) added $800 to the ticket and kinda blended into the sky. The black was, well, black and turned the car into a furnace in the sun. The crystal red was sleek, but you couldn't see the tail lights, and I prefer not to get hit, especially since you can't hear the car when it's on.

That left cyber gray metallic, which had the heat problem and looked a lot like a rolling piece of asphalt (again, the accident problem), and the blue topaz metallic. Guess which one we chose? :D

Woot! Talk a bout a sexy car! That's the official photo of it, but here's a look at it in our driveway (it's really there, you can tell by the chalk drawings on the concrete).

We loved not only the color, but the silence! All you can hear when you're driving it is the wind from the windows and the wheels against the road. That's it. Here's what it looks like in the sun.

The best part? We've driven all over the city and have used about 3 gallons of gas since we bought it. Wow.

Did you see that? 250 mpg!! *jaw drop* Thanks so much for stopping by for your Saturday Souvenirs. I hope your weekend is going well. Me, all I can say is "Road trip, baby!" If you could buy a new car, what would it be?


  1. Love your new ride! It's a beaut and you're totally taking me to the Grand Canyon. ;) (Or at least the damn dam. LOL)


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