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Author Spotlight: Carolyn Rosewood, Erotic Romance Author

Good morning, dear readers. I have the great pleasure to introduce Carolyn Rosewood, erotic romance author. She's recently become a Siren author and her newest release is a M/F romance set in an alternate universe that mirrors our Medieval period in history. Carolyn is a multipublished author of all kinds of erotic romance. Her release, His Majesty's Secret, is from Siren Publishing, and she's generously offered a excerpt and a giveaway. This is an erotic romance with mild BDSM, so if that's not your cup of tea, please skip to the bottom of this post and leave a comment for Carolyn.

Now, the BLURB for His Majesty's Secret:

When his half brother Austin declares himself King, Crown Prince Dalmas of Ashdowne is forced to flee his castle or be put to death for treason. On his way to find proof Austin's claims are false, he prevents the imminent sexual assault of a beautiful young woman, killing Castle Guards in the process.

Fleeing a forced betrothal, Ravenna LoPresti of Wythmail finds herself a reluctant companion to sexy, lustful Dalmas on his journey to find the truth and win back his rightful Crown. While Austin and his Guards chase Dalmas, a Royal Proclamation declares a price on Ravenna's head as well.

Dalmas and Ravenna awaken each other's sexual desires, but will lust and growing love keep them together, even if they find the proof Dalmas needs? Or will Ravenna be forced to return to her kingdom and marry the Count, or be put to death for a murder she didn't commit?


Ravenna didn’t realize she was crying until he brushed away her tears. When his mouth found hers again, she didn’t hesitate to return his kiss. He partially unlaced her dress, his fingers trailing down her spine, white-hot against her skin. His tongue flicked down her neck and across one shoulder, then the other.
She reached for his tunic, but he caught her hands and pinned them to her sides. “Me first,” he whispered, a wicked grin on his face.
“Am I not to move, Highness?” Ravenna shivered as he held her wrists firm.
“Keep your hands at your side, or I’ll put you over my knee.”
She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips as he gently pushed the dress over her breasts and arms until the fabric reached her wrists. She held her arms still, although the thought of moving them so he’d follow through on his threat to spank her sent waves of desire straight to her pussy.
He knelt in front of her and took her breasts in his hands, pushing them together. When he ran his teeth and tongue over her nipples as he had earlier by the stream, she cried out, clenching her thighs together. She was so close to an orgasm all she had to do was move the right way. Did he know? Was he doing this on purpose, making her wait? “Dalmas, please.”
He looked up, his eyes smoky with lust. “You’re very impatient, girl of Wythmail.”
When he smacked her on the left ass cheek, she yelped, more from surprise than anything. She barely felt his hand through the fabric of the skirt, but her pussy became so wet her juices started to trickle down her thighs.
He returned his attention to her nipples, and she had to dig her nails into her palms to keep from grabbing a fistful of his hair to push his mouth closer. The thought of a spanking competed with her desire to see what else he had planned for her.
“You may move your arms, but only to allow the dress to fall.” He pushed the fabric down to her ankles. “Now keep your arms at your sides again or you’ll get more of this.” He smacked her hard, once on each ass cheek.
Oh, Stars of Rohesia. “Dalmas, please...” She looked into his handsome face to find him grinning.
“Am I to understand you like that, Ravenna?”
She was grateful for the low light, for she knew a fierce blush covered her face. “Yes,” she whispered.
“I shall have to remember that.” He stood and retrieved a blanket, which he spread on the ground in front of her. “Move your legs apart a bit.”
She did as he asked. His tongue traced a line of liquid fire over her abdomen then down to her wetness, flicking her clit, teasing. Her palms became damp and numb from pressing them against her hips to keep from moving. Incomprehensible sounds escaped her throat. His tongue alternated between lapping inside her pussy and flicking her clit until she was ready to explode. She’d reached the point where she couldn’t take anymore when he took her entire clitoris into his mouth and sucked hard, slipping two fingers inside her at the same time.
She screamed and dug her hands into his hair, grinding her hips into his face as an intense orgasm spread through her, shocking her with wave after wave of hot fire. It went on for long minutes. Even her legs trembled.
He lowered her to the blanket and laid her face down, then took her arms and put them over her head, holding both wrists with one strong hand, just as he had the first day.
“I told you not to move,” he said, a smile in his voice.
She tensed in anticipation. He spanked each cheek several times and it stung, but it also sent a flood of desire through her like nothing ever had. He let go of her wrists, and she heard the rustle of clothing.
“Please, Dalmas. Let me touch you. Let me see you.”
“Not tonight. You’re being punished.”
He wrapped his tunic loosely around her wrists. “Tell me if this is too tight. I don’t wish to harm you.”
Ravenna could barely catch her breath. Another orgasm was building, and all he’d done was spank her and bind her wrists with a piece of cloth from which she could easily break free.
He massaged her ass, smacking her every so often, though not as hard as before. He reached around and played with her nipples, then slipped a hand underneath to stroke her clit. She tried to grind into his hand, but with her arms overhead all she could do was lie there and let him take control. It was exhilarating to give into him, and it left her dizzy with anticipation and desire.
“You’re so beautiful, Ravenna. If we were at the castle, we’d never leave my bed.”
She moaned and writhed, trying to bring on her climax. Finally she felt his cock tease the opening to her wetness, circling it, prodding ever so slightly then withdrawing. He kept one hand under her, and when he suddenly plunged inside, she let out a scream as a strong orgasm rocked her.
He thrust slowly, forcing her to slow down and wait for him. Both hands reached under to cup her breasts. His thrusting gradually increased until finally he pistoned in and out with speed she wouldn’t have thought possible. His breath was hot on her back, and when she came again, he joined her, his spasms going on for long moments.

Carolyn is offering one lucky commenter a copy of His Majesty's Secret. Just leave a valid email address or Twitter handle for us to contact you should you win. Contest ends Thursday, April 26th at 8:00pm PDT.

If you can't wait until then, His Majesty's Secret is available now from:

If you'd like to connect with Carolyn, you can find her:

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! :)


  1. Thank you so much for having me here today! :)

  2. This is on my TBR, and I've gotta say, it looks hot! Best of luck, Carolyn!

  3. Do I get a chance to win a copy? :D Thanks so much for stopping by, Carolyn. Good luck on your Siren release. :)

  4. You sure do, Siobhan! :) Thank you!! :)

  5. Very sexy excerpt. I'm glad my house is cool otherwise I'd have to break out a fan to cool down. What a way to end my evening. Thank you.


  6. Awesome Carolyn! Your books are real standouts..I know I have 3 of them. lol.

  7. Camile, what a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much! :)

  8. CONGRATULATIONS to Lynn!! You're my winner!! :)


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