Friday, March 9, 2012

At the Gates #100words for the #FridayFictioneers

In honor of the #FridayFictioneers, I've written a little snippet inspired by a photo, but this time I chose my own photo to electrify my muse while I continue on my promotion journey. I'm promoting my recent release, Her Devoted Vampire, from Evernight Publishing, but I still wanted to write a little. My 100 word story is inspired by the following photo and is entitled: At the Gates.

The crowd filled the grounds before the gates, a muted roar hinting at the mood. Morning sunshine blazed off shimmering armor and woolen cloaks. Swords, knives, and bows flashed as their bearers moved. Anticipation ran rampant through the swelling mob and the volume of voices increased. Time was at hand.

Upon the parapets, Gabrielle the Mime looked down with mixed excitement and trepidation. Would the invading force abide by the agreements? In this time of celebration, would they ignore the rules and defy the Court?

A cannon fired and the gates opened.

Another day at the Renaissance Festival had begun.

Thank you for stopping by. If you're interested in the #FridayFictioneers, please visit Madison Woods' blog and see all the other writers who post their stories there. Happy reading! :)


  1. Despite the picture being of a renaissance festival, the little twist (of sorts) still works to charming effect. Nicely done.

  2. This is great! You sucked me right in and made me think that it was from another era and then twisted the ending! Awesome! Love the photo~

  3. In another life I may have been a court jester (probably like the one in Woody Allen's "Everthing you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask"

    thanks for the nice comment on mine

  4. Dear Siobhan,

    And you, the wise woman, sit on the parapet and watch, sifting through the dust of the throng for jewels.

    Well done.



  5. Festival life -- you got it! I love the air and noise I can feel reading this. Great job :)

  6. Nicely done with a twist that is perhaps not a twist at all. Kudos and thanks for comment on my offering.

  7. Had me thinking invasion and then got me with the twist. Nice.

    My attempt:

  8. I really liked this, enjoyed the scene setting, and then the final reveal, it's perfect!

    1. Cute twist on the narrative, it really made fun use of the Renaissance Fayre picture. Where did you get the idea to use this picture?

      My entry, based on the original prompt, is over here:

  9. Hi Sioban,
    Suddenly I was jerked from the middle ages into the present, and it made me laugh. Good set-up, great finish.
    Here's mine:

  10. Fun read--loved the twist at the end. Well done.


  11. That was fun - and I was left wondering about the reality, or not, of my first impressions.

    Nice indirection.

  12. I love renfests! Enjoyed your story, too :)


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